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A Time of Transition

Barack Obama’s campaign trail was paved with technology and innovation. During his two-year campaign for change, Obama and his staff utilized social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and technology like text messaging to connect and to establish reciprocal relationships with voters. Change was not only apparent in the promise for healthcare reform and economic […]

What Not to Wear

Possibly the hardest part of the transition from the classroom to the field is the dress code. College life is full of sweatpants, tee shirts and UGG boots. Unfortunately none of these things are appropriate in the working world. Knowing what to wear and when to where it can be difficult. As Lizzie Post notes […]

A New Image: Cultivating Culture & Class in America

Public relations campaigns are everywhere and everyone seems to be a part of them. Whether for a political campaign, club opening or even a new product line, they seem to surround us and remain an integral part of the public relations world. While PR campaigns seem to play a vital role in the futures of […]

Get A Personality

Throughout my years as a student, I’ve heard teachers and practitioners alike ask students why they want to enter the field of public relations. And much to my dismay, the answer usually involves the term “people person.” Why do people believe that in order to be successful in the realm of public relations, they must […]

The Biggest Threats Facing PR

Earlier this year, when reading a colleague’s blog post, it occurred to me that there are some very real threats facing us as PR Practitioners, both in terms of detriment to the field and harm to third party participants. I am accustomed to thinking that there are no real threats, just challenges that are in […]

The PR Department… A thing of the past?

Currently, the economy is not at its best. This may be the most obvious declaration you have read in quite some time. Our daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, working and being reminded of how the economy is ruining our lives. However, there are underlying aspects to this statement that some may fail to initially […]

Free Giveaways!!!

Who doesn’t love freebies?! We all do, whether it’s a pencil, bumper sticker or food. There is no better way to win over people than with free stuff. Offering anything free is a sure fire way to draw attention too. That’s what several companies did for this year’s Presidential Election. The 2008 Presidential Election was […]

WOM- A useful technique for PR?

Remember back when you were in elementary school and a rumor started at the lunch table that got passed down through 20 kids in a matter of seconds? Well, word travels fast and people have been using the method for hundreds of years. Benjamin Franklin, the father of advertising art, first coined the term back […]

Marketing God

My grandmother takes the Great Commission to heart and even though she is ninety years old, she asks everyone who comes to her house one question, “If you died tonight, where would you be going and how do you know?” Evangelism. It is a fundamental part of Christianity. Many denominations take it to the extreme, […]

Financial Crisis or Moral Crisis?

USA Today recently pointed out that corporate apologies are becoming more and more rare in the face of the current economic crisis. The article argues that CEOs see admitting blame as a sign of weakness, even though the article claims that “In 2004, professors from the University of Michigan and Stanford University found that companies […]

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