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Have Apps, Will Travel

Posted At: February 11, 2013 2:00 P.M.
by Haley Clemons

Careers in public relations can be riddled with unexpected travel, press trips and the occasional canceled flight. This might be one of the reasons that PR was voted as CareerCast’s fifth Most Stressful Job of 2013. Enlisted military personnel, military generals, firefighters and airline pilots were the only careers that were able to outrank PR.

Communication professionals are often required to travel to different locations to reach their clients. While traveling constantly may thrill some and exhaust others, it is important to use the resources available and make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Helpful smartphone apps can make the professional’s traveling experience a productive one. So, what are these helpful apps that make life so much easier on the traveling professional? Some may sound more familiar than others.

Know where to turn.

While the map applications pre-downloaded on smartphones are extremely valuable, some apps promise to take users from A to B while minimizing stress. If you are worried about missing a flight, fear no more!

TripIt, voted the number one travel app by Forbes, collects every confirmation number that comes into the user’s email and puts them all into one convenient place. With the slogan “Organize your travel,” the app is self-explanatory. It also immediately alerts the user of any flight cancellations or changes, allows the user to share his trip itinerary, and saves hotel information. The best part is, it’s free.

If you plan on hitting the highway instead and want to visit all the famed attractions along the way, download the Roadside America app to see what attractions and events are available. Now it’s possible to reach meetings on time and never miss the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn.

Know what to pack.

In a career where planning is crucial, there are some things out of the professional’s control. Weather is unpredictable and over-packing can be a waste of time and money. Instead of throwing everything into a suitcase, leave the extra baggage at home and pack modestly based on published weather conditions.

Every PR pro can benefit from the Weather Channel app. This app not only showcases the weather, but it also shows changing conditions by the hour. Users can arrange to have notifications sent to them if they enter an area of severe weather. Updated radar screens are available for viewing.

If you want to be even more detailed, try a route-specific weather app. The Road Trip Weather app takes into account the time you are leaving, your route and your arrival time to make a customized weather forecast for your trip.

Know where to eat.

Traveling for work doesn’t mean you have to skip on delicious food. Being in a strange town with no clue where to eat is something any professional would dread. Between meetings, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is finding decent food.

Apps like Urbanspoon make it simple to search and find local restaurants that serve exactly what you are looking for, even if you have no idea what that is. With a simple “shake” of the smartphone, Urbanspoon randomly chooses a place for users to wine and dine. Restaurants are ranked so it’s easy to see what other app users think of the cuisine. Also, being on a budget does not have to be an issue. Urbanspoon separates cuisine into different cost categories.

If you are a self-proclaimed “foodie” and want to experience the best cuisine your trip has to offer, download the Food Network On the Road app. This app recommends restaurants featured on the popular network and helps users to find the tastiest dishes possible. With advice from Bobbie Flay or Rachel Ray, you are sure to have your hunger satisfied.

When you have finished the carefully planned meal, visit the app store to download the Tip Me app and calculate the proper gratuity.

Know how to work.

Applications like Evernote have become a huge hit in the app marketplace. The app is easy to use and is a great way to stay organized while traveling. Evernote can capture audio, store documents and even record the location where the note was written. For example, by synchronizing the iPad, iPhone and MacBook, all documents become easily accessible from anywhere. Users also have the option to email entire “notebooks” for others to view.

Other apps, like the AP Stylebook Mobile, are great for double-checking documents without carrying around a bulky book. The app is updated annually and includes the same entries that are in the book version. Users can also easily search through the app by entering keywords.

If you are feeling forgetful, just “remember the milk.” Remember the Milk is an app that helps organize to-do lists, checks off completed tasks and sends reminders of daily assignments. The app features a variety of lists and tags that make even the most detail-oriented person feel organized.

Traveling for business can be stressful; however, there are plenty of useful apps out there that help make it productive, organized and fun.

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