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Coachella Influencer Olympics

Photo by Arthur Edelmans on Unsplash

Published on April 23, 2024, at 1:00 p.m.
by Meg Fullen.

Coachella, the iconic music and arts festival held annually in California, has become more than just a gathering for music enthusiasts. Over the past years, Coachella has employed strategic public relations strategies to cultivate a unique brand image and attract different demographics from around the world. Through a combination of influencer partnerships, social media buzz and campaigns, Coachella has solidified its status as a must-attend event for brands and music enjoyers alike.

In the dominant era of social media, influencer partnerships have become a hotspot within campaigns for brands. Recently, the demographic for Coachella has changed, so knowing how to reach this audience is crucial for practitioners to create a successful campaign.

Influencer partnerships have become a valuable way to reach this audience. Dash reported 78% of TikTok users bought a product after seeing it featured in influencer content. Brands like Poppi, Guess and 818 Tequila utilized influencers’ target audiences at Coachella to build brand awareness and trust.

Poppi utilized this strategy in its campaign to bring awareness to its new lemon-lime flavor. The company partnered with Alix Earle and created social media buzz surrounding the campaign, highlighted by Earle inventing the term Coachearlea to describe her brand experience. Poppi tapped into Earle’s target audience to create awareness for its brand through viral TikTok videos, Instagram posts and publicity from Earle. This campaign struck gold, as Poppi reported a 200% increase in sales over the Coachella weekend.

Photo by LALA Guide

Pop-up shops are a hot commodity at Coachella in promoting brand awareness and creating social media opportunities. These pop-ups provide a unique platform for brands to engage with a diverse audience, showcasing their products or messages in interactive ways. PR practitioners play a crucial role in ensuring these pop-ups resonate positively with festival-goers.

Brands such as American Express and Aperol have capitalized on this trend. It offers audiences a chance to try out the products firsthand and form connections with their favorite brands. These pop-ups also give attendees the opportunity to promote the products on their own social media platforms through photo booths and other interactive features.

For instance, 818 Tequila featured a full-service saloon packed with complimentary cocktails. 818 partnered with other brands like Tezza for custom photo opportunities and Bumble for a customizable cowboy hat station. Such collaborations not only enhance the festival experience but also amplify brand engagement and reach through creative activations and social media sharing.

As a result, Coachella has become the ultimate destination for brands looking to promote themselves to a fresh demographic. What was your favorite Coachella campaign this year?

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