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Remember Reputation in Your Job Search

Posted At: June 21, 2007 9:50 AM

by Miranda Yow, account coordinator-public relations, o2ideas

Recent college graduates across the country are diligently looking for their “perfect” job. There is a myriad of factors and qualifications that new young professionals search for when looking for employment. To some, salary and benefits are most important; to others, company culture ranks high on their list. But there is one factor that influences all graduates when deciding whether or not to accept a certain job: the reputation of a company.

Companies with unquestionable reputations attract top-notch employees, who, in turn, contribute to the enhancement of those reputations. For instance, Verizon Wireless consistently ranks as one of the best places to work in the United States by independent experts and organizations. In the past year alone, it has been recognized by The Wellness Councils of America; IDG’s Computerworld; Diversity, Tops for Diversity; and Training magazine’s Training Top 100. In 2006, the company hired more than 17,000 new employees, many of whom were recent graduates.

In addition to researching reputation, graduates also should ask themselves whether the company has a clear and distinct message. Specifically, is the company focused on employee training and satisfaction? If the answer is yes, it will provide an opportune position for new graduates to acquire the job skills necessary to support a successful career path right up to retirement.

Verizon Wireless takes pride in consistently having a clear and distinct message. Last February, the company broke ground on its new call center located in Huntsville, Ala. When completely staffed, this facility will house 1,300 new employees. Last March, Verizon held a “meet and greet” function in an effort to get to know the Huntsville community and anyone interested in employment at the call center. The premise of this event was that, at Verizon Wireless, you can “own your career”—reinforcing the company’s employee-focused message.

Although searching for a job fresh out of college can be a heavy burden to bear, researching the company’s reputation can lighten that load. As you search, remember to not only focus on the salary and benefits, but also pay close attention to public perceptions—because when you join a business as an employee, your reputation will be closely tied to that of your team.


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