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Thoughts on Leadership from the PRSSA National President Kevin Saghy

Posted At: April 24, 2007 10:34 AM

by Haley Moore

1) What does leadership mean to you?

By definition, leadership is the guidance of a group of people. The key here is that group of people that a leader is selected to lead. What makes them want to follow you? Every person has different motivating factors and it’s the job of an effective leader to figure out what style of leadership works best for each individual. Some people function well on their own and will approach a leader for help when needed. Others need a personal relationship to accompany professional dealings in order to establish trust. Find out what people want and deliver.

In addition, leadership is not just a title, it’s behavior and attitude. For instance, a freshman can lead a group of people through hard work and determination even though someone older holds an official leadership position.

2) How is your role (PRSSA president) preparing you for the real world?

Serving as national president has given me the chance to lead in a different capacity than I’m used to. The National Committee is spread throughout the country, so leading this group requires a different approach because we can only meet in person three times a year. I feel this experience will be crucial when I’m working with colleagues from offices in other cities or countries.

I have also gained knowledge of what it takes to run an organization. Essentially, I have served in the same capacity of a CEO. This experience forces me to think about the big picture, and I will maintain that perspective about any organization I join.

3) What role does PR play in leadership in the business world?

The executive table should always include a spot for a PR person who can provide counsel to an organization about how its actions will be received by key publics. Public relations practitioners know the ramifications of unethical conduct and can provide sound reasoning for companies to stay on the right track.


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