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Welcome – Volume II, Issue 1, Fall 2007


We’re glad you’ve joined us for the second issue of Platform Online Magazine. This issue explores diverse public relations-related topics, ranging from PR applications of social media to time management of multiple accounts to targeting the growing Hispanic population in the United States. It also includes video interviews on the subject of leadership with John “Jack” Felton and Ofield Dukes, two of the pioneers in the PR field who were recently featured in Legacies from Legends in Public Relations produced by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations. We hope you’ll not only enjoy this issue, but also join the discussion by sharing your thoughts on our multimedia and article topics. We also now welcome contributing writers, so be sure to pitch your story ideas for the next issue by clicking on the e-mail link in the “Want to experience public relations out loud?” section on our home page.


Platform Online Magazine Editorial Team
Volume II, Issue I

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