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NYC PR Girls: A Tale of Two Ladies

Posted: December 18, 2012 at 6:00 P.M. by Becca Bryant. PR professionals put much reliance on blogs as two-way communication tools. They are multifaceted. They give insight on opinions and news while simultaneously stimulating conversation. As of July 2011, Technoraiti accounted for 164 million blogs,

The New and Improved PR Practitioner

The New and Improved PR Practitioner

by: Alex Reichenbach PR practitioners have always been expected to have impressive writing and communication skills to show on their résumés. Although these skills are important, they are only the beginning of what is expected of PR practitioners during these technologically savvy days. Recent changes

Fashion Meets Public Relations: How Blogs Boost Fashion’s PR

Fashion Meets Public Relations: How Blogs Boost Fashion’s PR

by: Dorothy Griffith Dying to know who designed the clothes from your favorite television show? Looking for a lower cost alternative to that knockout dress from last week’s episode? You can find just about all the information you want on your favorite outfits from various

10 Blogs Every PR Professional Should Follow

By this point, every public relations professional should know the benefits of utilizing social media. It is common knowledge that Facebook and Twitter are great ways to directly contact your target public; however, we must remember these sites can also serve as resources to stay

RSS Feed How To

Keeping up with current events in public relations is important to all PR students, educators and practitioners. An easy way to do this is by reading blogs on PR topics. There is certainly no shortage of blogs out there to read with everyone from firms

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