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10 Blogs Every PR Professional Should Follow

By this point, every public relations professional should know the benefits of utilizing social media. It is common knowledge that Facebook and Twitter are great ways to directly contact your target public; however, we must remember these sites can also serve as resources to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and trends.

According to an article written by Brian Ward, there are 10 Facebook pages every public relations professional should follow.

“The public relations field is currently one of the fastest growing professions in the United States,” Ward said. “To have success as a PR professional, as with all professions, it is essential to keep up with the latest news and techniques in the industry. Today we researched ten Facebook pages to make staying current with the latest going on in the public relations profession a little bit easier.”

What you should follow and why, as Ward described them

1. PRWeek US: PRWeek has been a reputable publication for more than a decade. The title includes news, techniques, research, reviews and so much more essential information for its PR-savvy readers. PRWeek’s Facebook page includes updates from each issue, discussions from others in the field, video footage and podcasts. See what fellow public relations professionals are saying, and be sure to add your own opinion by fanning the page.

2. PR in Your Pajamas: PR in Your Pajamas is a blog run by extremely successful entrepreneur Elena Verlee who appeared on the list “20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter.” Her blog offers tips and opinions aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses. By following PR in Your Pajamas, you’ll find regular updates, a tab that keeps you current with the blog and a great amount of information that serves as a great resource to anyone in the field.

3. PR News: PR News is a source for the latest industry news, as well as a great place to connect and network. Fan their Facebook page for events and frequent updates that include news, articles and discussions.

4. PR on Facebook: PR on Facebook, which has more than 15,000 fans, is a place to network with other public relations practitioners and those interested in the field. Find various events, tips and start or join conversations with professionals from around the globe.

5. Danny Brown: Danny Brown is the Executive Director at Bonsai Interactive Marketing, and his blog offers great tips for anyone in the PR industry. His Facebook page is an interactive place that offers a tab linking you to his free Ebook and blog. The page also includes updates with tips, industry news and some excellent discussion questions to prompt conversation between his visitors.

6. The Future Buzz: The Future Buzz is focused on the PR, media and marketing industry. Adam Singer, who has quite an impressive resume, writes the blog and covers a wide variety of helpful and informative subjects. Keep up The Future Buzz on Facebook for updates directly from the site.

7. Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): PRSA is one of the largest organizations for public relations professionals in the world. Head to the PRSA Facebook page to keep up with the latest events, news and even search for jobs. Network with professionals from all over the globe, and be sure to add your opinion to any of the posts and articles. Whether you are a member of the organization or not, feel free to keep up with the PRSA Facebook page for great insights and information regarding the industry.

8. Edelman: Edelman is one of the top PR firms in the world with multiple prestigious awards to back their work. They frequently update their Facebook page with the company’s latest happenings, and it is a great place to go for inspiration and information. Be sure to comment on their projects and notes about their staff members.

9. Platform Online Magazine: Platform Online Magazine covers a wide variety of public relations issues. Their online presence allows them to continually post relevant and fresh content. Head to the online publication’s Facebook page for their upcoming events, articles and blogs from the magazine and other information and current events centered around the industry.

10. PR Job Watch: Though it is a group instead of a page, PR Job Watch is a great place for those seeking employment in the industry. The group is based out of London, but it is a decent place to network with more than 3,700 other public relations professionals. The discussions page and the wall are both filled with potential jobs.

These 10 pages can be beneficial to not only PR professionals, but also PR students. There are just some things you can’t learn from a textbook. These sites give students the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry as well as keep up with current trends in the field. When I was a freshman taking my introduction to public relations class, Facebook and Twitter were not the strong Internet sites they are now. If I simply used the knowledge I gained as a freshman I would be left behind. Instead, I use that knowledge as a strong foundation and build upon it with great resources such as those listed above. Without learning from the top professionals, how do we expect to have the opportunity to work alongside them someday?

U.S. News recently named public relations one of the top careers for 2011. This is another great reason to stay current on industry trends and news. Employment of public-relations specialists is expected to increase by more than 66,000 jobs, or 24 percent, between 2008 and 2018, according to the Labor Department. I believe were bestowed this honor because, as a field, we are ever evolving, taking the steps to learn new strategies.

According to Gary McCormick, 2010 chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America, the rise of social media has made an impact on the public relations field. McCormick said in the U.S News article that these days, companies expect PR professionals to be intimately acquainted with digital marketing and social networking.

“[Social media] is a tactic, but it’s a strategy as well,” McCormick said. “The person that understands social media from that standpoint — not just the technology — is really going to make a difference.”

How can you become more knowledgeable about social media and current trends? The first step is following the pages listed above.

What sites do you use to stay up-to-date in the industry?

By Katie Breaseale


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