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NYC PR Girls: A Tale of Two Ladies

Posted: December 28, 2012 at 10:55 P.M.
by Becca Bryant

PR professionals put much reliance on blogs as two-way communication tools. They are multifaceted. They give insight on opinions and news while simultaneously stimulating conversation.

As of July 2011, Technoraiti accounted for 164 million blogs, and the number is continually increasing.

In this digital room full of blabbermouths, how do bloggers make sure their voices are heard?

It requires an apparent uniqueness: an attribute, style or approach that helps distinguish your content and entice a following. This undertaking is not a simple one; it demands creativity and critical thinking, but it can be accomplished.

Meg Carroll and Adriana Lauricella have successfully found their online voices and continue to belt aloud for all to hear. Their friendship and passion for PR led to the creation of NYC PR Girls. They immediately found their niche in the blogosphere. They wanted to become a resource for young people who shared the same passion for PR and the desire to follow their dreams to the big city.

“In every daily post, we hope we inspire someone to go after their dreams,” Carroll said. “We always say, if each of us could move from our small towns and become successful in jobs we love, anyone can do it with the right preparation and determination.”

They advise on every topic from acing an interview and the grueling aspects of the perfect pitch to managing stress and appropriate dress code. No subject is out of their realm of expertise.

The advice offered on the blog is tremendously valuable to a young, aspiring PR professional. The information is relevant and timely. Carroll said, “We wanted to create a place where girls (and guys!) can go for the career advice they don’t learn in school or don’t feel comfortable asking friends or colleagues.”

One of the many characteristics that makes NYC PR Girls distinctive is the personality that shines through their Web presence. The girls make the audience feel comfortable and connected through their writing. This is beneficial because, in turn, followers feel no inhibitions when asking questions and becoming involved in the conversation.

Carroll and Lauricella are extremely responsive; they recognize others’ desire for knowledge and willingly pass on valuable information. Considering the blog is not their sole responsibility, it is impressive how involved they are with their readers.

Carroll said the most difficult challenge is trying to keep up with everything. They each have separate jobs at PR agencies in the city. Each of the girls must construct an impressive balancing act to make sure all responsibilities are fulfilled. They confide in one another and manage to excel in both aspects, and, for this, their faithful readers are thankful.

Readership is immensely vital to the success of a blog. Carroll and Lauricella are thankful for their audience saying, “We’re lucky to have a great group of readers who promote us to their friends, classmates and even professors!”

Carroll and Lauricella have mastered the art of creating and maintaining readership, and, because of this, the future is bright for NYC PR Girls.

The girls are aspiring to hold events in the city that allow them to talk to girls one-on-one. There is also an expansion in the works. Soon, they hope to create a network of PR Girl blogs from each major city.

Two small-town girls moved to the Big Apple and created the blog in hopes of inspiring others. They combined their love for the city that never sleeps with their undeniable passion for PR and presented a unique work that teaches young professionals around the world new lessons daily.

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    I enjoy reading the blog even though I am in a totally different field. They have articles that are refreshing and informative about PR and NYC. Keep up the good work girls!


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