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The Value of Perception

Posted At: October 5, 2012 8:53 A.M. by Leighton Brown Every day we see, touch and hear things in our environment. These various senses help us to react and interact with the people and situations around us.

From a PR Intern to a PR Professional: Tackling the Transition

Posted At: February 17, 2010 1:27 PM by Madeline Reeves College students hear repeatedly that the key to a successful future in the public relations field is largely dependent upon completing several quality internships. Some experts would say that internships, or the lack thereof, can ultimately

Conquer the Chaos: Three Stress-Busting Tips

By Elizabeth Howell Attention PR junkies, it’s time to stop squeezing that tiny foam replica of planet Earth. There are rational strategies to manage the mania that is public relations. In an earlier post featured by Platform Magazine, PR = Satisfaction > Stress, Laura Rabushka

PR ethics: “With great power comes great responsibility”

By Megan Cotton Ethics in public relations has always been a hot topic without black and white answers, only shades of gray. To provide an open discussion on this topic, The Plank Center hosted a Webinar, “Ethics in PR Education,” on Feb. 23, 2011, in

Are Internships a Win-Win Situation?

As a child, summertime meant signing up for camps, going to the pool and relaxing with friends. The only thing that really needed to be accomplished was summer reading. In college, summer takes on a whole different meaning. Students compete to see how much they

PR: The Experience

When I chose public relations as my college major, I honestly didn’t know what it meant. I’ve always enjoyed writing and knew communication was the field for me, but I didn’t really know what direction to take. Once I began to take my PR courses,

Underground Information Trade Tops Global Drug Trade

Public relations is going viral. If we’re going to put our lives out there (wherever the Internet is), we must first consider who else is out there with us and what they’re capable of.

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