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Budweiser, You Got Us Again

Published April 10, 2020, at 4:37 p.m.
by Faith Saucier.

Budweiser is known for its tear-jerking, awe-inspiring, soul-healing commercials — specifically the ones that air each year during the Super Bowl. Think back to “Secret Fridge” in 2006, the ad with a revolving, beer fridge that made audiences think it might be time for a little house redecoration. You might also remember “Puppy Love” in 2014 or “Wind Never Felt Better” in 2019 — two commercials that reminded us all of our love for dogs, and of course, beer. Those advertisements — and many more — have been part of Budweiser’s many years of well-executed sports and entertainment marketing commitments.

Courtesy of @budweiserusa on Instagram

They’re million-dollar commercials — with million-dollar quality content. But this one, Budweiser’s latest and greatest, takes the cake.

The “One Team” campaign represents Budweiser’s recent commitment to redirect $5 million of its normal sports and entertainment marketing budget to the American Red Cross — an effort to assist in the fight against COVID-19. The company also pledged to work with its partners to make arenas and stadiums available for blood drives.

And, you guessed it — the brewer that supplies your Bud has added hand sanitizer to its production list, too. Anhueser-Busch is using its facilities for producing and distributing sanitizers to Red Cross blood donation centers and emergency shelters.

Courtesy of Anheuser-Busch

From a public relations standpoint, Budweiser’s undying commitment to corporate social responsibility is simply excellent. The company talks the talk and walks the walk.

But this time, the talking it’s doing isn’t about its own company. It’s about doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, teachers, Red Cross workers and soldiers. It’s about sports seasons being shut down and the dreams of athletes possibly taking a little longer to come true.

It’s about the warriors — those who walk the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis and continue to stand tall.

The ad is a reminder to all of us to remain united in the midst of devastation and despair — a juxtaposition of sports teams to the champions helping to fight this deadly disease. They are Giants; they are Braves; they are Trail Blazers; they are Angels.

They are heroes.

Hats off to you, Budweiser. If there’s one team we’re all on now, it’s definitely yours.

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