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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the PR Pro in Your Life

Published on November 19, 2019, at 5:10 p.m.
by Carlyle Ascik.

They’re flexible, timely and consider every detail. From early morning commutes to events that last all night long, they rarely slow down. They are connected to the community, in-the-know, and they understand the client is always correct.

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Between media appearances and red carpet events, public relations professionals may seem like they have it all. However, if you take a look behind the curtain, you know these ever on-the-go pros have to wear many hats. Take a look at these 10 gifts that will delight the PR practitioner in your life this holiday season:

1. An appointment planner
From client calls to strategy meetings, an appointment planner is a perfect gift for the extra organized PR pro — not to mention, it makes logging hours a breeze.

2. An online news subscription
Whether it’s breaking news or an industry-specific story, public relations professionals should always strive to stay informed. An online subscription to their favorite news outlet is the perfect practical gift for the new year. And, as an added bonus, you get a free tote with your purchase to carry around all your other supplies!

3. An iPhone stylus
Those artsy Instagram stories don’t design themselves. Your favorite social media expert will surely put an iPhone stylus to good use — both personally and professionally.

4. Noise-canceling headphones
Crowded subways and busy streets can make it hard to focus while on the go. These noise-canceling headphones make it simple to strategize from any location.

5. A business card holder
Public relations is all about networking, and a stylish business card holder provides the perfect confidence boost while securing a new contact.

6. A Book of the Month Club subscription
Great writers read great writing. The Book of the Month Club delivers a new book to its subscribers every four weeks, making it easy to sail through each title.

7. Blue light glasses
Let’s face it — PR practitioners are in front of a screen more often than not. These blue light glasses help protect your eyes, in a variety of exciting styles.

8. A collapsible water bottle
When you’re constantly moving, hydration is a must. This collapsible water bottle can be easily tucked away when you’re finished drinking without cluttering up your bag.

9. An AP Stylebook subscription
A good public relations pro is never ashamed to admit they’re a bit grammar obsessed. A subscription to the online AP Stylebook will allow them to access the guide whenever and wherever they please, ensuring flawless writing every time.

10. Shoes for the commute

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

By now you know, PR professionals spend a lot of time running around. These shoes allow you to dress your best, while also traveling in comfort. Wear them all day long, or easily swap them out for your favorite dress shoes once you make it to your final destination.

PR pros: Go ahead and check creating a Christmas list off your to-do list. You can just forward this post along instead!

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