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Taking Out the Gatekeeper

Posted At: March 7, 2013 1:24 P.M.
by Martina Kaiwi

It is no secret: media kits are an essential tool used to promote an organization to the news media. However, financial expert Dave Ramsey cuts out the middleman and sends his “bundles” directly to his audience.

“Media kit,” or “press kit,” is an evolving term that now includes a much broader audience. Essentially, Ramsey’s “bundles” are information packets that mimic the media relations documents PR practitioners are so familiar with.

These packets provide vital information to help the success of customers’ financial future. His messages are communicated in “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money,” personal finance software and 13 audio lessons. Not only does he include his business facts, history, products/services, bio and current news, but he also allows online access to these materials for permanent reference.

Ramsey’s followers, fans and newly educated financial strategists are now physically sharing these kits as if they were sharing old vinyls or CDs.

By cutting out the gatekeeper, Ramsey has the opportunity to create a more personal relationship with his customers by providing them with unedited data that in turn will be shared with other prospective financial strategists.

Ramsey believes his success as a financial adviser lies in the success of his customers. The reputation of Ramsey and his organization is strongly based off testimonies that are broadcast through his website, blog, books, classes and, of course, his “bundle.” More and more families across the country are seeing firsthand the benefits of his financial strategies and are continuing to pass the word around.

Ramsey is a refreshing communicator who understands the importance of brand identity, brand loyalty and stewardship. In Ramsey’s case, he is the brand, and his informational kits provide his customers with valuable lessons to change their financial futures for the better.

For more information about receiving one of Ramsey’s informational packets, visit his website, which will link you to a plethora of online and offline communication media.

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