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Outsourcing to Hire

Posted At: January 1, 2008 10:07 AM
by Christina Coston

Finding the right person for a high-paying public relations job is sometimes hard to do. Public relations consulting firms can help in this difficult process.

One of the firms that are hired by corporations, nonprofit organizations and universities to fill senior-level positions is Heyman Associates. Senior-level positions have very specific job requirements according to Bill Heyman, CEO and president of Heyman Associates.

Many times clients turn to these firms because of their connections. The consulting firms know past work experience about individuals to help select candidates who have knowledge in a particular field that would be appropriate for the position. If a company needs an experienced media relations executive for a university, consulting firms have the connections to find the appropriate person for the position. After almost 20 years in the consulting business, Heyman Associates has acquired a database of 50,000 communications professionals.

Consulting firms stay with the client during the hiring process from initially finding the person to the final interview. Heyman Associates even checks the educational backgrounds of the applicants, as well as their previous experience, for the corporation.

In a consulting firm, the corporation is the client. The corporation pays the fee to fill the position. People can submit their resumes, but a private individual is not allowed to hire the firm to find employment.

Consulting firms tend to only hire senior-level positions, such as vice presidents, and not lower-level positions due to the rigid job constraints. Entry-level positions have much broader job eligibility requirements than senior-level positions. This is why public relations consulting firms do not come to college campuses to recruit.

“A consulting firm is paid a fee to find the right person for the job,” according to Bill Heyman. “By outsourcing, the chance of getting the right person is higher. We have the connections to find who is right for the job.”

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What do you think about outsourcing job hiring to a consulting firm?

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