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Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: A Brianna Murphy Profile

Published on February 19, 2024, 9:50 a.m.
by Carsyn Smiling.

Endless opportunities

A degree in public relations is wide-reaching and constantly evolving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of public relations specialists is expected to grow 6% by 2032.

Brianna Murphy, a 2019 graduate of The University of Alabama, worked in multiple sectors prior to acquiring her current position as a senior analyst at Brunswick Group, a global advisory firm specializing in business critical issues.

Fresh out of college, Murphy began her professional career at Weber Shandwick, but like many recent graduates, she found herself feeling as if something was missing. She was determined to find what it was.

Finding one’s professional niche

Brianna Murphy

Sometimes, the opportunity to discover one’s passion comes when a person least expects it. Murphy said, “At Weber Shandwick I got put on a project that had a research component, and I realized that was the piece that I had been missing all along.” By diving into this project and being willing to do something different, she was able to find her true place in the industry.

When Murphy first graduated college, she had no idea that she would be able to work within the data analysis field because she hadn’t been exposed to the world of consulting as much as other areas of communication.

Knowing one’s value

While Murphy hadn’t worked in the research industry before, she knew she had characteristics such as confidence and a positive work ethic that made her the perfect fit for this role.

“I didn’t have a traditional research background, but what I had were the soft skills, and [I] put in the work,” she explained.

Her passion for the industry continues to shine through, as she has progressed from an account researcher to a senior analyst and executive in just under four years at Brunswick Group.

Leveling up one’s network

From the start of her college experience at UA, Murphy immersed herself in the world of public relations. In addition to majoring in PR, she was involved in the student-run professional organization Capstone Agency and publication Platform Magazine. She also took part in multiple internships, from social media to strategic communications roles, to expand her knowledge of the different sides of the field prior to graduating.

Photo via Adobe Stock by Syda Productions

Even after landing her first job, Murphy consistently worked to grow professionally. She started researching and expanding her network with people in the industry. She spent her off hours connecting with professionals via platforms such as LinkedIn.

Not only did Murphy connect with others, but she also took it to another level by messaging her newfound connections to start establishing personal relationships through calls and coffees.

Murphy elaborated on this networking strategy by explaining, “If you don’t know what’s out there, how can you know that is where you want to be?”

Networking is important no matter what level a professional is in their career, and it is never too late to learn how to network effectively and create lasting relationships.

Catching the eye of employers

There are numerous qualities that employers search for when hiring. According to a 2021 Fast Company article, the ability and willingness to learn on the job are becoming increasingly important.

Trading cryptocurrency and securities. A young financial analyst in glasses works in front of a laptop monitor. Track quotes in real time. Female financial analyst works in front of a laptop monitor.

“One of the very first things I noticed about Bri was that she seemed eager and genuinely curious,” said Emily Buczynski, Murphy’s mentor and colleague. “Nothing is beneath her because every task is an opportunity to learn something new.”

Another admirable quality that stood out to her colleagues was the positive perspective that she brought to the team from the very beginning. “She is one of the people that you can go through the trenches with and trust,” said Buczynski.
Trust is unparalleled in the workplace as it plays into every aspect of the job.

According to a 2021 LinkedIn article, “When people feel trusted and their workplace is a safe space for open communication, creativity and innovation prosper.” Trust is a double-edged sword affecting both the employer and employee, a reality that Murphy’s work experience exemplifies.

Piecing the puzzle together

As a young professional in the public relations field, Murphy has embraced learning new skills and cultivated an ever-present desire to grow professionally. In such a fast-paced industry, it is imperative to always be assertive and willing to find one’s place, rather than remaining in a professional puzzle of what to do next.
Through Murphy’s networking and forward thinking, she has been able to find her niche and now encourages others to follow her lead.

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