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HRlogics: The Power of PR and Marketing for Startups

Published on October 6, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
by Katherine Williams. 

Public relations and marketing have a history of intersectionality in brand management. The lines between marketing and PR often blur when it comes to content creation, storytelling and effective messaging. According to the 2020 Global Communications Report, 90% of PR professionals believe that marketing and PR will become more integrated in the next five years.

HRlogics, a startup company based out of Birmingham, Alabama, has used public relations strategies from the very beginning to solidify its place in the compliance industry. The company specializes in human resources compliance services including Form I-9 compliance, Affordable Care Act compliance, capturing hiring incentives and tax credits, unemployment cost control, and employment and wage verifications.

Relationship building

One strategy the HRlogics team has found to help boost the company’s reputation is to build relationships within the Birmingham community.

Lindsay Morton

HRlogics’ Chief Growth Officer Lindsay Morton described the company’s early approach to building relationships with consumers. “We were originally Birmingham-focused,” she explained, “and started attending community events and tech industry gatherings. We focused on press releases, as our CEO firmly believed in their power, and we witnessed their ability to capture attention. We have found industry-related press sources to bring inbound leads to our company.”

According to Fit Small Business, sending press releases about a new venture before it launches is a great way to build brand awareness and potentially even get the company’s story on the news before it officially opens its doors. HRlogics’ focus on local events and press releases demonstrates its commitment to establishing a community presence and gaining company exposure.

Two-way communication

HRlogics has found that customer reviews help the company initiate two-way communication and gather feedback from its clients.

“Customer testimonials and case studies are the most important things we include in our campaigns because it shows the value our clients get out of our services,” Executive Vice President of Marketing Vanessa Tyndall noted. “The best referrals for your business come from your clients. So, we want to make sure we’re solving their pain points and providing quality customer service because they are our biggest advocate.”

The marketing team’s focus on keeping an open dialogue builds trust and strengthens client relationships.

For a good cause

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, today’s customers appreciate and value transparency, honesty and effective communication from the companies with which they engage. The


HRlogics team understands the need for authenticity from their customers. Because of this understanding, HRlogics partnered with Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit that benefits veterans and their families.

“We knew we wanted to create meaning for the brand and wanted to make sure we were worthy of anyone’s time,” Morton explained. “So, we partnered with Hire Heroes USA, and we donate 1% of our annual profits from Work Opportunity Tax Credit deals to their nonprofit. You must create meaning outside of the boring aspects of your business.”

Adapting to changing trends

HRlogics recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the trends in its marketing efforts. The marketing team uses the power of TikTok to enhance the company’s visibility.

“We are building a long-term strategy for TikTok, and where we are today is just foundational, but we understand the value in TikTok,” Morton said. “It has the ability to know who you are and what you do for work, so when we want to target the HR personnel, TikTok will find those people. Even if the impressions are low, it’s targeting a niche audience with exactly who we want to communicate to.”

The compliance industry is ever-changing, and it is crucial for HRlogics to stay up to date with new regulations. Morton said, “Because we deal in the compliance industry, and it changes so often, we have to make sure we are updated on when the IRS or other governing bodies are putting forth new regulations. We must ensure that our websites reflect the latest changes and our messaging is aligned with the most recent updates, so that our audiences are informed.”

The power of partnerships

Tyndall also shared insights into HRlogics’ impactful partnership with AccuSourceHR.

Vanessa Tyndall

She emphasized that the collaboration with AccuSource HR extends beyond logo placements. “We were looking to partner with companies who have common clients that can utilize both of our services,” Tyndall added. “These partnerships are not just sticking each other’s logo on the websites but building relationships with them and driving value by sending leads and back and forth. We feel like we can help each other’s clients bridge gaps they are having in their everyday life.”

Such partnerships demonstrate HRlogics’ commitment to corporate responsibility, and they help elevate awareness for the brand’s reputation.

Educational webinars

The partnerships HRlogics has formed have given it new ways to connect with its target audiences. Through collaborative webinars, it is informing its public and establishing itself as a thought leader in the industry.

“We host joint webinars with some of our partners, and this allows us to talk about the newest regulations and the services that each brand offers,” Tyndall explained. “We think it’s important to not have a webinar just for a sales pitch but to bring educational content to our publics, especially when it comes to compliance because it is constantly changing.”

These webinars allow HRlogics to build relationships through communication that has value for the consumer. This is a prime example of how a PR strategy can be leveraged to build credibility, engage the audience and drive business growth.

HRlogics’ success shows the power of PR and how it can help companies reach marketing goals. By carefully crafting and executing a strategic PR plan, HRlogics has been able to build a strong brand reputation and establish itself as a leader in the compliance industry.

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