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Katie Gatti Tassin: Leading the Way to a Financially Literate Future

Published on March 12, 2023, at 9:56 a.m.
by Kate Amberson.

The University of Alabama and Platform Magazine alumna Katie Gatti Tassin is strikingly different from the average public relations practitioner, financial consultant or advisor. Tassin created “Money with Katie,” a blog, podcast and social media platform designed to target women who are uneducated about personal finance.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, Tassin began “Money with Katie” after she found that she had little to no knowledge about personal finance. Tassin soon discovered that other women her age had the same questions as well. She believed it was a crucial skill, yet in her 16 years of education, no one ever taught her. Tassin then began to dive into the world of finance, reading book after book and grasping any information she could find. She wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to make smart financial decisions that could increase her income streams.

Tassin via Money with Katie

“I don’t make that much money, but I could become legitimately rich if I just understood what to do with it,” said Tassin.

Once Tassin discovered and researched this information, she became obsessed. She felt that it was her responsibility to communicate this newly found knowledge to others, a position with which she was very familiar due to her previous lack of knowledge on the subject. In addition, targeting a female audience through a podcast or blog was a new angle she had not seen before in the finance industry.

Just like that, “Money with Katie” was born. Though her platform has now expanded, “Money with Katie” began in 2018 as a simple blog with a few readers, made up mostly of her friends. At the time, Tassin was working for Southwest Airlines, so the blog was more of a “side hustle,” she said. However, as COVID-19 hit in 2020, Tassin found herself with plenty of time on her hands and not much to do. After being turned down for a job with a large finance company, Tassin was motivated to create something that had the potential to grow even larger. She began to pour into her blog and quit her job at Southwest Airlines to pursue “Money with Katie” full time.

Even so, Tassin does not refer to herself as a financial advisor. Whether it be on her podcast, blog or social media, she emphasizes that the content is for “informational and recreational purposes only,” according to her website. What Tassin lacks in financial education, she makes up for in research. She urges those who follow her to do their own “due diligence.”

Megan Perkins, senior public relations manager for Productsup, attended The University of Alabama with Tassin and worked closely with her at Capstone Agency, a student-run, integrated communications firm. Perkins was an early follower of “Money with Katie” and continues to support the brand.

“[Katie] is out there doing all of the work for the rest of us and communicating it in a way that is interesting, digestible and that makes sense,” said Perkins.

In January 2022, “Money with Katie” was acquired by Business Insider’s MorningBrew, a business media company. MorningBrew launched its creator program to “expand into niche areas” by allowing “independent personalities to work for the company full time while maintaining separate and distinct products and brands,” according to an Axios article. Tassin also can host events and launch merchandise with the support of MorningBrew.

Tassin via Money with Katie

Instead of working independently as she had previously done, Tassin began working with a team to help produce her blog and podcast brand. Tassin focuses on creating the “master document” and “big picture strategy” while her team edits, schedules and posts, she noted.

With the help of MorningBrew and Tassin’s team, “Money with Katie” has reached 3 million podcast downloads, 1 million annual site visits, $1.1 million in revenue, 160,000 Instagram followers and 160,000 newsletter subscribers.

While “Money with Katie” targets a previously untapped audience of women in the personal finance industry, the brand is also unique in that Tassin remains authentic. Even after being acquired by MorningBrew, Tassin continues to add her personal flair to each and every blog and podcast.

Perkins emphasized that Tassin “never claims to be something she is not.” While she faced people who did not believe she was qualified, Tassin knew where she stood, according to Perkins.

“She didn’t shift,” said Perkins. “She kept her brand consistent, and it is true to her brand in general that she is going to say what she thinks.”

Tassin noted that authenticity and being genuine play key roles in creating her personal brand and building a business online.

“It was very innocent in the beginning. I felt like there was interesting information, and I wanted to share it,” said Tassin. “It was more fun for me to share it in a way that felt like me instead of trying to write as though I were an Investopedia article.”

Although Tassin does not currently work in the public relations industry, incorporating her PR background into her work allows her brand to excel. Perkins explained that people are drawn to Tassin due to her boldness and confidence in delivery. Tassin garners the attention of her audience by communicating in a digestible way, stated Perkins.

“Katie’s success has to do with the fact that she’s a strong communicator. That is her greatest skill set. She knows how to tell a story. She knows how to communicate in a way that people relate to. She combined her passions with her skills,” said Perkins.

Perkins added that Tassin’s blog, even when it was first launched, was “just a really, really nice, aesthetically pleasing website.”

Tassin via Money with Katie

“Most people in finance don’t know how to do that. They didn’t learn those skills. Her [public relations] skills are a leg up for her in the best way possible,” said Perkins.

Tassin said that she still leans on important lessons of public relations, like the value of telling a good story and getting to the point quickly.

Public relations plays a major factor in every industry, which is why so many companies have their own departments or hire outside agencies. Catering to different audiences takes skill and precision.

Tassin affirmed this point, explaining that answering the question of “Why should I care?” is not only a crucial point for public relations practitioners but also for anyone else who creates a deliverable for an audience. Search engine optimization, efficiency, strategy and advertisements all play important roles in almost every field, she said.

“You want to tell a compelling story,” said Tassin. “You want them to clearly see upfront why they should care, why it matters to them, why it’s important, and why they should do something with that information.”

Tassin continues to inspire women to take control of their financial future. Utilizing her public relations skills to make her name known and set herself apart, Tassin is a trailblazer who leads the way to a financially literate future for women all over the world.

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