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Peloton’s Private Clothing Label, Picturesque Workouts and Prized Instructors

Published on January 7, 2022, at 4:35 p.m.
by Elise Luoma.

Peloton’s initial mark included a Kickstarter campaign and a controversial television advertisement. Now, the company is booming with over 2 million subscribers and 51 instructors.

Photo by Andrew “Donovan” Valodovia on Unsplash

The fitness-centric company has become more than an internet-connected stationary bike and treadmill retailer after the release of its private clothing label. Peloton was initially founded to give users the full experience of exercising in a high-end studio but from home. Subscribers can either take a live class with other Peloton users or dive into a scenic ride.

Similar to brands such as lululemon and AthletaPeloton Apparel offers clothing for men and women, as well as accessories. Peloton’s communication strategies have expanded to go beyond solely fitness tools or products. The newest Peloton X Queen partnership allows users to “rock any stage” and feel connected to the Queen-themed classes. The brand is described to have “style-forward, expertly-crafted pieces” and to “outperform, outlast and stand the test of time.” The main selections of the collection feature four different signature fabrics, rotating patterns and colors.

Crafting community-oriented messages and featuring the “everyday” user are some of the strategies Peloton uses to interact and relate with customers. The Peloton Brand Wheel “defines the company’s overall brand position and messaging” by addressing potential reactions from customers. Emotional appeal is reflected in the Peloton Brand Wheel with the goal of resonating with future subscribers.

From former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Cody Rigsby to Adidas brand partner Emma Lovewell, Peloton’s instructors have created brands for themselves on social media but also with their own personalized classes. The internal brand ambassadors have their own workout “tribes” and fans. Instructor Ally Love curated Sundays with Love, a weekly bicycle class series to empower the Peloton community.

Peloton’s growth in classes, instructors and now a private clothing label shows the brand’s ever-changing advancement where it really can say, “Together we go far.”

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