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The Apple iPad: 2021’s Key to Success

Published on October 20, 2021 at 8:20 p.m.
by Gabrielle Jolly.

The idea of becoming an orderly, methodical and “put-together” individual has taken over the social media feeds of users around the world. The trends of health, wellness and aesthetics have become appealing to many, and one product has flourished as a result: the Apple iPad.


iPad key to success
Photo by Henry Ascroft on Unsplash

Apple Inc. experienced a growth of 78.7% in revenue over the past year in iPads alone. The pandemic allowed for the company to capitalize on work-from-home opportunities and remote-learning instruments that were necessary for all ages. Popularity for the product soared, and the cyclic trend of iPad ownership was born again.

Various TikTok users shared their favorite aspects of the iPad, including apps, organization tips and everyday uses for entertainment. One popular user joked that all iPad owners “have their life together” in a video that quickly circulated the internet. This viral phenomenon has created free press and public relations opportunities for Apple, allowing the company to reap the benefits in a predominately digital era.

No Apple product is complete without its wide array of apps, and many iPad owners have shared their preferred platforms for planning and note-taking. Apps like Notability and GoodNotes have grown increasingly popular among student demographics with the ability to haul multiple notebooks’ worth of information on one device. Multiple wellness influencers have also profited from the popularity of the iPad with cheap, downloadable templates for digital planners that can be edited within these apps.

Apple Pencil for iPad
Photo by Zana Latif on Unsplash

Along with the ability to customize the interface of your own personal tablet, Apple also offers a variety of helpful extensions. The Apple Pencil caters to those who prefer writing their notes and eases some of the pain with the touch-screen element of the iPad. There are also a variety of keyboards to choose from that can connect to your handheld device, making your iPad a much smaller and cheaper version of a MacBook. These extensions are optional purchases that provide autonomy for the user when deciding how they want to use their device. The ability to choose is a useful facet when appealing to a diverse consumer base.

The ease of functionality and overwhelmingly positive response to the iPad cater to the fiercely loyal consumer base that already exists within the company. Many Apple users continue to purchase its devices because all of the products are connected — reinforcing Apple’s theme of synergy among devices. By promoting and growing the number of its products available to users, Apple has strengthened its relationship with consumers over time. Likewise, the company’s free press and strategy of innovative design have created new opportunities for it to foster relationships with prospective consumers.

The Daily Clog painted a very clear picture of the standard iPad user — “the straight-A student with all the different colored highlighters and pens has been replaced with the straight-A student taking notes with an Apple Pencil on their iPad.” The device continues to solve problems and place lives in order, one to-do list at a time.

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