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Say Less: Get Paid for Your European Vacation

Published on June 8, 2021, at 8:31 a.m.
by Caroline Robinson.

Are you daydreaming about a European adventure this summer? What if I told you that you could be paid to venture around an island located in the Mediterranean Sea? Malta, a nation situated just between Sicily and the North African coast, will pay visitors up to 200 euros when they book a trip.

Malta is an island that thrives on its tourism culture. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the once crowded island is looking to jumpstart its tourism economy. According to Travel+Leisure, about $4.1 million has been allocated to this effort.

The money incentives
According to a Malta Tourism Authority press release, the “scheme [will] commence for tourists” starting in June 2021. Malta Tourism Authority will offer 100 euros as an incentive for five-star hotel bookings, 75 euros for four-star hotel bookings and 50 euros for three-star hotel bookings.

Things to know before you go
In case the money incentive didn’t sell you on the beautiful island of Malta, here’s a little bit more about this tiny republic. Malta, originally a temple-building civilization, has been shaped mainly by the different groups that filtered through it. In the early 1500s, the Order of the Knights of St. John ruled Malta and turned it into a society that reflects European culture. Therefore, the island is quite literally furnished with fine European art and architecture.

According to Roads & Kingdoms, “the Maltese take their politics seriously.” So, before jet-setting to the tourism-filled republic, be sure to kick your opinions to the curb. The Maltese election turnout is much higher than the United States, and both the Labour and Nationalist parties have “a large and loyal following.”

Maltese cuisine is also a selling point for tourists. Malta is known for its Pastizzi, which is a long pastry slathered with your choice of ricotta or peas. Not to mention, your beloved pet bunnies are better known as a delicious delicacy in Malta.

The PR aspect of traveling
It is no secret that the pandemic has negatively impacted tourism. Keeping tourist destinations appealing to visitors is where hospitality intersects with public relations. According to 5W Public Relations, “In the era of social media, public relations should help push a location’s story to new prominence. After all, the goal is to manage public perceptions.” The Instagram account “visitmalta” has over 33,000 followers and actively posts photos submitted by tourists and professional photographers. This social media page portrays Malta’s beauty to key publics through stories and posts and further encourages them to book a flight to the beautiful country.

Are you ready to pack up your bags and explore Malta? With these incentives, the rich history and beautiful views, it is hard to resist!

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