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Remaining Productive Amid COVID-19

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Published on April 7, 2020, at 6:09 p.m.

by Emily Greco.

COVID-19 has resulted in exceptional challenges for people all over the world. In the United States, many states are under stay-at-home orders, meaning people can only leave the house for necessities.

Life amid COVID-19 means people everywhere are adjusting to working from home. Whether you’re a PR practitioner working remotely or a student adjusting to online school, here are a few tips for remaining organized and productive while working from home.

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Use a calendar/planner
During COVID-19, having a planner is more vital than ever. Maintaining a personal planner allows you to map out your day and keep track of everything that you need to do.

When working online, it’s easy to forget about menial assignments and tasks. Having a planner allows you to keep track of each and every task and can reduce stress.

In addition to a planner, one of my personal essentials is a large desk calendar. Typically planners give an overview of the week, but a desk calendar allows you to map out everything that is due for the month. This way you can see it on one page, adding another level of organization.

Create your work oasis
Erin Condren’s blog says it best, “to maximize productivity, you’ll want to set aside a room or area of your home that has plenty of natural light, minimum distractions and a comfy chair and desk or table. Once you’ve chosen your workspace, it’s time to set up the equipment you brought from work and make your temporary home office warm and welcoming so you can focus, be comfortable and stay productive.”

These tips apply not only to workers but also students. Creating an area where you feel comfortable and productive will help you stay motivated to work remotely.

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Remain accessible

When working remotely, checking your email frequently is crucial. A Forbes article recommends checking your email at least five times a day. It may seem like common sense, but it’s essential. Whether you’re receiving emails from your boss or professors, be attentive to your email so that nothing slips past you.

Frequently checking your email allows you to remain on top and in control of your work or school assignments.

Working remotely during a pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge. These tips will allow you to feel more confident and organized while working remotely.



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