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Delivering Miles of Smiles

Published on April 1, 2020, at 7:27 p.m.
Published by Hannah Fogus.

Picture this. You just graduated college, and it’s time to embark on a new journey — a journey that involves driving a 27-by-11-foot tall hot dog on wheels around the country for a year. No, I’m not joking.

Courtesy of @oscarmayer Instagram

Oscar Mayer provides an internship for recent college graduates that allows them to drive its famous Wienermobiles all over the country for a year. It calls them “Hotdoggers.” It might sound crazy, but scoring this internship is rumored to be more competitive than getting into Harvard.

Becoming a “Hotdogger”

By now you probably have a few questions circulating in your head. What does a Hotdogger do? Why is it so competitive? I wondered these questions myself, so I did my research.

A Hotdogger is more than someone who drives a giant hotdog on wheels to and from different locations. These people are brand ambassadors of Oscar Mayer, conducting television and radio appearances, newspaper interviews, and various functions all over the U.S. They are essentially the PR spokespeople of the company — ones that drive a Wienermobile and have unique names like “Hot Dog Hannah.”

The position is so competitive because out of roughly 7,000 applicants, only 12 are chosen. That makes chances of becoming a Hotdogger less than 1%. Harvard’s acceptance rate sits at 5.2%. You do the math.

The program begins on June 11 and runs for an entire year. During this time, Hotdoggers have no permanent residence — they simply live out of a suitcase from hotel to hotel.

Duties of a “Hotdogger”

Courtesy of @oscarmayer Instagram

As I mentioned, a Hotdogger is a PR spokesperson for Oscar Mayer. The company calls the Wienermobile a “traveling public relations firm on wheels.” What could be better than that?

A Hotdogger is responsible for representing Oscar Mayer as a brand spokesperson, running and upholding the Wienermobile, working collaboratively with marketing and sales professionals both internally and externally, and organizing brand events. These are only a few of the many duties of a Hotdogger.

While keeping up with all of these responsibilities, a Hotdogger must still maintain an enthusiastic, energetic nature. This is important because they want to bring excitement to those who come to see the Wienermobile. Many people have never seen anything like it, and it’s essential that the Hotdoggers bring positive energy to those people in order to give them the best experience possible. That is what the position is all about — bringing joy to others through Oscar Mayer.

Courtesy of @oscarmayer Instagram

From organizing events to publishing brand content on Oscar Mayer’s social media, the job of a Hotdogger is extensive. However, driving around in a Wienermobile probably makes it cooler.

To see if you “cut the mustard,” check out the application. Who knows, you could be chosen to “meat” the Oscar Mayer team and embark on the time of your life.

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