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5 Secret Tips to Rock Your Internship

Published on February 7, 2020 at 9:12 a.m.

by Hannah Fogus.

We’ve all been there (if you haven’t, you will be soon). It’s time to start getting serious in your career, and the internship search begins. After filtering through what seems like hundreds of internships, filling out applications, and interviewing with employers, your internship awaits.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Especially in the field of public relations, an internship is your opportunity to gain contacts as well as create a great reputation in the industry. While this is an exciting opportunity with new beginnings, it is important to know some vital tips for making your internship worthwhile.

Employers hired you for a reason, and it is up to you to bring all your skills and more to the table. An internship is your chance to learn and grow in the beginning steps of your career, but it’s also your chance to shine. Show your boss why he or she hired you … maybe it could end in a great job in the future. How do you accomplish being the intern every PR agency has dreamed of?

1. Learn what’s appropriate
A workplace is different from lunch with your best friends. Especially as an intern, it is important to differentiate the two. There is a good chance you will overhear work drama or gossip, but stay out of the conversations and stick to your work. The worst thing your boss could find is your desk full of paperwork and you in the break room talking about what happened over the weekend. Keep it appropriate at work, and save other conversations for a different place.

2. Keep asking questions
An internship is the place to ask as many questions as you can think of, and it is encouraged. Your boss knows you don’t have much experience so ask away. If you’re not sure the types of questions to ask, start here. Continuing to ask questions shows your boss you want the most out of your experience — it’s a great way to be remembered.

3. Find a mentor

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

As you enter your internship, look for someone in a position above you who’s walked in your shoes. They didn’t get to where they are without trial and error, so it could be helpful to learn from their mistakes. Ask that person to mentor you, and build a professional relationship with them. These relationships are important to have in a field as large as public relations, and a mentor will show you the ropes.

4. Take the extra step
Don’t be the intern who simply gets coffee. Once you’re done with your work, keep asking for more. Go to different departments to see if you can help. Ask your boss for more assignments. Be the person to raise your hand in conference meetings. Taking the extra step in the workplace shows your ambition, sets you apart and lets you shine not only to your boss but to your co-workers as well.

5. Thank everyone and stay connected
As your internship comes to a close, it doesn’t end once you walk out the door. Be sure to thank each and every person who helped you during this time. Be personal with your thank you’s, and write them a thank-you note. A quick and easy way to give a thank-you note is an e-card. I’ve used Jacquie Lawson E-Cards to send all types of cards in the past, and it’s served me well. Stay connected with the people you met during this time; they are the ones to write references and connect you to future job opportunities.

Your internship will be fun and challenging in different ways. Be sure to use these tips to take on the public relations industry like a pro.

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