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A Seasonal Balance Between Work and Life

Published on January 15, 2018, at 4 p.m.
by Hyland Stockton.

From meetings to deliverables to outside obligations, life can be extremely hectic, especially for people in public relations. Often jobs will even list “able to work nights and weekends” as a requirement. This means PR professionals need to find ways to balance work and personal life.

Here is a list I have come up with to do just that:

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1. Do not expect to have balance 24/7
With many demands, it is hard to have a fully balanced life at all times. I met with my professor, Teri Henley, the other week, and she described it best. She said to “balance in seasons of life.” No, she did not mean to have balance in fall and winter but not summer or spring. Instead, she meant that some weeks, your personal life may have to go on the back burner. If you know that, expect to take some extra time for yourself the next week.


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2. Instead of a full vacation, take mini vacations from work
It may not always be possible to go on a long trip. Instead, take a weekend without emails, get outside or have some quality family time. A mini-
vacation can be different for everyone but do not forget to take that break to keep your sanity. After all, you don’t have to go out of the country to unplug from work.


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3. Once a year, plan that big vacation or week off from work
This may not be a month-long European vacation, but it could be. Henley gave the example that her and her husband take a week to two weeks at the end of the semester for a vacation. This is something they plan on each year to fully spend time together and do something they enjoy.

Whether you plan a vacation or just unplug for a few days, it is important to maintain balance between your work life and personal life. Depending on your job, it may be possible to have the daily balance, but for most public relations professionals I suggest taking Henley’s advice and creating balance between your different seasons of life.

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