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3 Ways to Promote Yourself in Your Community

Published on June 29, 2017, at 8:04 p.m.
by Katie McKinzey.

When I think of self promotion, I think of it as a way to connect with others. I see it as a way to make connections and communicate with those around me, building relationships along the way.

Whether promoting yourself makes you feel important or uncomfortable, there are ways to do it effectively. It’s not so that people can see you. No, this is not a show where you are the performing actor. It is simply to be of service, to share a story that makes an impact on you and the people around you.

By promoting yourself, you are showing others where you can lead them; however, I believe that in order to lead, we must first serve, and in order to earn support, you must gain it by giving support to others.

“ order to earn support, you must gain it by giving support to others.”

Here are three ways to promote yourself and be of service in your community:

1. Keep it local
If sports or shopping is your thing, do it locally. Support your local sports teams, whether it is little leagues or the major leagues. Players seeing you and other fans in the stands will make them feel supported, which may in return make them want to support you.

Buy from local shops and vendors. From handmade to homemade, or homegrown to home fed, find shops in your community you will want to purchase from and befriend those you buy from. If you love to eat out, try new restaurants in your city, or if you are from a smaller town, eat with those who have been there with you for a lifetime.

Keep an eye out for fun events or festivals in your area, communicating with those who attend. The more people see you out and about in your community, the more familiar and trusting they will become with you.

2. Donate of your time or resources
Volunteer. Whether it be your time or your resources, reach out to organizations in your community. There are tons of places and ways you can volunteer or donate.

Donate your food to those who are hungry, donate books to libraries so others can build knowledge, or donate clothes for others to keep warm or to keep cool. Donating your time lets others know that you care. If you have no time for any of these listed, sometimes simply giving a smile to those around you can go a long way.

Here is a list of a few ideas or organizations to look for:
-Animal rescue shelters
-Boys and Girls Clubs or any afterschool program
-Food banks
-Habitat for Humanity
-Homeless shelters
-National or community parks
-Local churches, libraries or museums
-Political campaigns
-Salvation Army

3. Start your own
Begin your own project or event. Collaborate and communicate with those around you to look for ideas for your community to engage in. Find ways to join together to help your community or others in need.

Does your local food bank need more cans? Begin a drive or host an event where people can collect them. Make goodie baskets or deliver food to those in hospitals or nursing homes. If you love kids and are interested in their future, begin a mentorship program or sports team after school. If you have a favorite holiday, begin your own annual festival, celebrating with those around you.

Once you build relationships with those around you, stay connected with them, continuing your shared story. Know your passion and your purpose for those you serve by keeping it local, donating of your time and resources, or simply beginning your own project.


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    Great article, Katie. Everyone needs to read this and follow the message. ❤️


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