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Keep It Local

Published on April 5, 2017, at 7:35 a.m.
by Terrika Woods.

As communicators, we are taught the value of keeping up with current news and trends. Some people keep up with major news outlets, and others read the latest from fashion bloggers. We live in an age of mass media and a 24/7 news cycle. So, we often feel obligated to stay in the loop no matter what our news preferences may be. But what about the local news?

Many people, myself included, forget about local news. I believe we skip over it because we feel like we already know everything there is to know about our city. From a public relations student’s point of view, boy was I wrong. I never knew the amount of opportunities that were in my city and neighboring cities.

Finding out about local news is not limited to just watching the television broadcast. You can read your local newspaper, follow city-sponsored social media pages or scroll through event boards on the web to learn about what is happening in your city.

As growing practitioners, it is important for us to be constantly involved and practicing public relations. Many times local businesses will announce events or programs on the local news. These businesses do not always ask for help, but you can offer your skills and services as a public relations professional to assist in the success of these community programs. In this manner, you are practicing your public relations skills and lending a helping hand to your community.

If you are new to public relations, local outreach is a great way to expand your portfolio. You can build your network by engaging with citizens of your community and gain valuable experience to use in your corporate environment.

If you hear of an event or even if you see a need in your city, reach out to that organization to offer your support. Don’t be afraid to take initiative and make first contact. Your skills could be the key to that organization’s next successful event.

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