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Say Yes to The Agency

Published on March 28, 2017, at 11:00 a.m.
by Kahla Anderson.

Finding the perfect agency may be like finding the right outfit. It is important to find an agency that fits well with you! I am a member of Capstone Agency  , which is a student-run, integrated communications firm. Based on my time in Capstone Agency, I have decided that I would like to give the agency life a try after graduation. During this process I discovered a few things you may want to consider before committing to an agency.

The location is very important when it comes to picking an agency. Your region could determine the type of demographic your agency is trying to reach. Allied Integrated Marketing  is a “full-service integrated marketing agency working with the world’s largest entertainment, consumer and lifestyle brands” ( Allied has over 22 offices across the country. So, the way it would market a movie or brand for a client in Michigan may not be the same way the agency would market it in Georgia.

Company size
Agencies can vary in size depending on the type of the agency. A boutique agency is a smaller company with a limited client list and a smaller staff. A full-service agency usually has many office locations and clients that also include big brands such as Nike or Verizon.

The decision on which agency to join could be a matter of the company size. Some people work better in a smaller, intimate setting. Others thrive in large groups of people. The choice is yours!

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Agency type
After deciding to give the agency life a try, I did a lot of research on different agencies and did not realize how specific and tailored some agencies are. Yet, this made me more excited to know that I could work for an agency that is specific to my interests and talents.

I have a strong interest in social media, so I began to research digital agencies. I came across Big Spaceship  located in New York. This agency focuses on digital and social media, data and analytics, technology and strategy (

Whether you have a passion for fashion, sports and entertainment, or health care, or you want to focus on integrated communication, social media or marketing, there is an agency that is right for you.

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An agency’s clients may be one of the most important parts of the whole process. More importantly, you want to LOVE the clients that your agency is working for. Personally, my creative juices flow with a client that I am familiar with or someone I have heard of before. Your decision about what agency to work for should not solely rely on the clients that they have, but it brings ease knowing that you have a roster of clients that spark your interest.

No need to be indecisive! Just like the perfect outfit, there is an agency that fits you perfectly. And when you find the right agency, it will fit just right.

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