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A New Nude

Published on August 25, 2017, at 2:04 p.m.
by Hannah MacInnis.

Diversity is always a hot topic, but especially in public relations. According to one definition, “diversity represents categories of people based on differences that cannot be altered.” This is why shoemaker Christian Louboutin diversified some of the world’s most coveted shoes, making them even more attractive.

Image by Arroser
Image by Arroser

By doing what seems so simple to some, Louboutin has raised industry standards once again by creating a new definition of “nude” in the shoe world, which includes two new shades added to the five shades he already had. The effectiveness of this campaign heavily outweighs its simplicity, which is something beautiful to watch.

What do these seven different shades of nude do exactly? Now, individualizing consumer choices, each person can pick their respective shade based on skin color and what “nude” is to them. This is a big step in the right direction for the fashion world.

Often, it can be said that the fashion industry has a diversity problem by selling products that are “nude” when really, they are a lightly colored tan. So what does Louboutin do about it? He makes seven “nudes.”

A New Nude

The PR effects for Christian Louboutin after the launch of his nude campaign have been very positive. Public relations is an industry that aims to represent individuals for their unique traits and features, which is why Louboutin is on the right track with this newest addition to the shoe family.

Not only are the various shades of nude inclusive, but a customer is also now more likely to part with a large chunk of change for a shoe made from a designer they know cares about them — another positive PR outcome. This campaign is hitting women emotionally, which is one of the most effective PR strategies.

Yes, the shoes still cost upwards of $595, but when asked about the quality of the shoe, Louboutin himself said, “If you look at the shoe, it looks good, if you don’t look at the shoe, if you don’t see the details, it’s all about the legs; it’s all about the person.” For one of the first times in his high profile line of work, Louboutin is not worried about the shoe itself, but how the woman feels wearing it.

The industry growth that has been portrayed by Christian Louboutin is astounding, and it is going to be very interesting to watch which competitors try to take this strategy to the next level. For once, competition is going to be a good thing because inclusion is only going to get bigger and better.

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