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The Obamas vs. the Royals

Published on June 6, 2017, at 8:07 a.m.
by Hannah MacInnis.

Aside from running their respective countries, the Obamas and the British royal family recently took to social media to show a more playful side. With the Invictus Games right around the corner, Prince Harry challenged President Obama to a friendly match between the two countries.

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What are the Invictus Games? The Invictus Games are an international paralympic-style event with multiple different sports. Created by Prince Harry, the games honor wounded, injured and sick armed services personnel as well as veterans. These amazing men and women take part in the games, which include sports such as wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball and many more.

With the Invictus Games fostering such an honorable cause, Prince Harry took it upon himself to pump up the rest of the world for the games as well. After the prince told Barack Obama to “bring it” at the games, the president and the first lady responded with a video warning the prince to “be careful what you wish for,” followed by the ever-popular mic drop.

The prince responded shortly after, and this time, he brought a backup, Queen Elizabeth. The response consisted of the prince and the queen watching the video of the Obamas and the 90-year-old monarch saying, “Oh really? Please.

What does this fun feud have to say for public relations? Relationships are what most of the world is built on. Therefore, the Obamas and the royals are doing themselves and their countries’ service men and women a favor by showing this positive relationship to the world. Positivity is key in successful relationships as well. Not only are strong internal relationships important, but international ones are even better.

In an article in The Independent, Mark Sheehan and Helen Brocklehurst explained how international relations are the key to the future. This is the very reason that the United States and England are on the right track when it comes to PR because of their positive relations.


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