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Fast Food Face-off

Posted on February 2, 2016, at 11:45 a.m.
by Hannah MacInnis.

What do Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, Wendy’s and Burger King all have in common? These notable celebrities and fast food chains have all been involved with what the Twittersphere refers to as a “Twitter war.” So, how do followers of these accounts know if it is a publicity stunt or not?

We live in an age where something can go viral in seconds, and one situation can define your reputation for years to come. When done right, a publicity stunt can aid your reputation in a positive way. For example, Jennifer Lawrence’s fall at the 2013 Oscars made her relatable and skyrocketed her career.

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The Wendy’s/Burger King Battle of 2016 started with one tweet from Burger King that read, “Friends come and go.BK is always there.” Shortly after, a Wendy’s patron replied with “who needs boys when you’ve got the @Wendys 4 for $4 amirite ladiesssss,” and with that a battle ensued.
As Wendy’s and Burger King traded tweets back and forth, the final tweet that sparked everyone’s attention was when Wendy’s called Burger King a “hoe” as a result of Burger King not tagging Wendy’s in a tweet about the company.

Fast Food Face-off

(photo courtesy of Twitter)

Was this a publicity stunt or an employee gone rogue? A publicity stunt can make or break the person or organization involved.

Social media is an aspect of the world today that is hard to get away from. It’s a part of almost all businesses’ promotional tactics and reaches a lot of people. That is why you have to know when to draw the line when you are promoting yourself or an organization.

Fortunately for Wendy’s and Burger King, their reputations remained intact, surprisingly gaining more followers and forcing certain patrons to stake their claim on their preferred fast food chain. This war even offered a promotional aspect for their deals. Well done, Wendy’s and Burger King … you have officially claimed the title of “First Twitter War of 2016.”

So who you do think the winner was? Visit us on Twitter to cast your vote.


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