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Geo-TAG, You’re It

Posted on November 3, 2015, at 9:15 p.m.
by Sally Immel.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of a Snapchat filter? Some marketing pros would say “priceless.”

Photo Courtesy of AdamPrzezdziek|Flickr

Snapchat has created a whole new meaning to the word “selfie,” and now users can display their location with fun graphics called “geotags.” Whether you’re on campus, at an airport or in a new city — there’s probably a geotag for that.

Using Snapchat geotag filters is fairly simple. You simply take a picture on the Snapchat app, and swipe right to see what geotag options are available in your location. The chosen geotag overlays your original image, creating the ultimate brand interaction.

Marketing and public relations professionals have embraced the use of Snapchat geotag filters to increase awareness of their campaigns. Snapchat has also become a go-to platform for advertising because it is interactive and creates a brand experience with users.

McDonald’s was one of the first brands to use sponsored geotag filters. With the use of location settings, Snapchat users near a McDonald’s location could apply a burger and fries image to their own personal Snap. Users send the new geotag filter to their friends, and then their friends start to use the filters to send to their friends. You can see how this trend spreads like wildfire, and the location draws consumers to McDonald’s, just to be a part of the brand experience.

Photo courtesy of Sally Immel

Recently on the University of Alabama campus, the “It’s On Us” campaign to promote sexual assault prevention had its own geotag filter. Students on campus who may have missed the “It’s On Us” pledge wall on the Quad, or the branded profile pictures on Facebook, were still aware of the campaign because of the geotag filter. Students felt like they were a part of the campaign because they were able to associate themselves with the campaign — showcasing their support to their friends and ultimately spreading student support across campus.

Millennials are pushing advertising and PR pros to shift to image-based campaigns, with less emphasis on written content. With Snapchat being one of the most popular image-based social media platforms among millennials, geotag filters may just be the answer to the success of interactive advertising and PR campaigns.


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    Great article on the importance of Snapchat and the geotag filters! I can see how Snapchat is a great outlet for marketing, advertising and pr professionals. I can’t wait to see how the geotags transform and how they are going to be utilized for future advertisements or campaigns.
    I wish this article would have included information on how to create a geotag or what the process is about trying to obtain one for a company!

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    Geotag filters are definitely the answer to the success of interactive advertising and PR campaigns, especially with Snapchat’s Live section that compiles the use of Geotag filters for certain cities, events, and even schools!


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