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Watt’s Hot for Tailgating

Posted: January 12, 2015, 6:48 p.m.

by Stefanie Dunlap

In public relations, finding the most cohesive and beneficial partnerships can help launch a campaign even further and reach a larger audience. When searching for a partner, whether it be a celebrity or a brand, it is imperative to ensure that the partnership will support each entity’s mission and will provide an advantage to each brand that is involved.

According to the Dallas News, H-E-B was ranked the third best grocery store in Texas based on consumer reports. And now, the Texas-based grocery store has found the perfect match for its Texans Tailgate Headquarters campaign. The popular grocery chain is partnering with the Houston Texans, star defensive end J.J. Watt and Ford. What’s more perfect for a tailgate than your favorite football player, a brand new Ford truck and all of your favorite foods?

Through this campaign, H-E-B has successfully named itself as the official tailgating headquarters for the Houston Texans. H-E-B goes much further than simply providing Texans’ fans with a place to buy tailgating items such as food and decorations. Its decision to partner with Ford offers fans the chance to win a free 2014 F-150 XLT SuperCrew Texas Edition truck by entering the contest through the H-E-B website. This strategy was sure to bring an increase in Web traffic.

After J.J. Watt recently became a spokesperson for H-E-B, the Texans Tailgate HQ website encouraged further interaction by allowing fans to vote on their favorite J.J. Watt commercial.

H-E-B is also awarding one lucky Texans fan with the title of H-E-B’s Tailgater of the Year. The Texans franchise is challenging all Texas sports fans to “show your team spirit by decking out your tailgate site and displaying H-E-B products in a creative way.” In addition, H-E-B is choosing a tailgater of the year at Texas college football games, including Baylor, The University of Texas, Texas A&M and The University of Texas at San Antonio.

H-E-B added a philanthropic element to its campaign with its Sacks for Hunger: “Now there is one more reason to cheer on the Houston Texans. During the 2014 NFL season, each time the Houston Texans defense sacks the opponent’s quarterback H-E-B will donate $1,000 to the Houston Food Bank.”

The website appeals to the everyday tailgater by giving pointers on how to make your tailgate more eco-friendly and even provides great tailgating recipes.

Uniting H-E-B, the Texans, J.J. Watt and Ford for the Texans Tailgate Headquarters campaign has proven to be a recipe for success. H-E-B has made sure to include events and information for all fans, whether they want to enter to win a Ford truck or they just want some good H-E-B tailgating recipes.

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