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JetBlue: You Are Now Clear to Pay It Forward

Posted: December 1, 2014, 3:11 p.m.
by Rachel Uniatowski.

It starts off with a ticket, to anywhere in the world, given to a deserving person involved in humanitarian efforts, but the best part — it doesn’t stop after just one person.

“Fly It Forward” is the name that JetBlue Airways has given to its new campaign, which was recently launched but won’t be ready for landing anytime soon. Designed to continue JetBlue’s mission, the campaign hopes to “bring humanity back to the skies,” one plane ticket at a time.


The campaign began with JetBlue employees, nominating one person they thought deserved to go anywhere in the JetBlue network to continue their charitable efforts. The only catch, after the person completed his trip, he had to pick another person to “Fly It Forward.” Centered around social media, JetBlue wants consumers to use the hashtag #flyitforward to nominate people they believe deserve to continue JetBlue’s version of paying it forward.

“With ‘Fly It Forward,’ we’re pulling the humanity and goodness that already exists to the forefront by making the sharing of these stories possible,” Marty St. George, JetBlue’s senior vice president of commercial, said in a blog post. “It’s easy to say our mission is to inspire humanity, but it’s quite a feat to make that mission known and felt.”

In a video released by JetBlue, the first four flyers tell their stories. From Chicago, New York, Seattle and Haiti, each flyer has a unique story filled with passion and a dedication to making a change in the world. Every other week, a new winner will be selected as the “Fly It Forward” ticket makes its way around the JetBlue network.

JetBlue sure knows how to brand itself, because this isn’t its first time doing a campaign for the greater good. Last Christmas, JetBlue provided free flights to people who couldn’t make it home for the holidays, and this Thanksgiving, JetBlue partnered with Zappos and gave out gifts to passengers, ranging from a pair of slippers to a free round-trip flight. JetBlue employees also talked with some travelers to learn more about their trips and make signs for cheering sections at security checkpoints.

JetBlue continues its tradition of making sure its consumers are the focus of its efforts to provide excellent air travel. And with this current campaign, JetBlue made it simple. It started out with one flight, to give someone the opportunity to keep on changing the world, and continues by passing along JetBlue’s blue ticket.

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