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Down, Set, Pizza Hut

Posted: October 9, 2014, 4:43 p.m.
by Michelle Pierce.

Finally. My favorite season has arrived — tailgating season. It’s the season that brings everyone together through mouth-watering food and fun. When looking for ways to contribute to the tailgating menu, don’t think twice. Bring a pizza. It’s simple, easy and delicious.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.46.52 PM

No matter what season it is, the little red roof has got you covered. From its cheesy, bacon-stuffed crust to its personal conversations on Twitter, Pizza Hut’s iconic brand continues to grow. Two brothers, Danny and Frank Carney, served their first pizza from a little building resembling a hut on June 15, 1958. They handed out free slices of pizza to the locals as the brand’s first form of public relations.

Over time, social media has helped the “little hut” evolve into “the most recognizable international pizza restaurant in the world.” Pizza Hut utilizes its Twitter page to participate in creative, down-to-earth conversations with its consumers. It’s an engaging way for the brand to show its personality while effectively forming customer relationships. According to Meruki, a social media analytics tool, Pizza Hut has almost 20,000 more conversations on Twitter than it does on Facebook. The enticing tweets not only promote the brand, but work as a driving force behind the support and respect of its customers.

Communication is key. Twitter gives brands the power to participate in conversations and maintain a positive brand image. Sprout Social explained how interactions between a company and its customers are similar to a relationship: “Failure to communicate can make it feel pretty one-sided, ultimately leading to a break-up.” Pizza Hut has built such a large fan base through its rapid response rate and individual replies to its followers.

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As an international pizza brand, Pizza Hut not only knows how to make a great pizza, but it understands the concept of connecting with customers through appealing images, hip lingo and unbeatable promotions. The brand’s entertaining content interests people who may not even eat pizza. Pizza Hut scores a touchdown for its social media presence, positive brand image and consistent customer engagement. You can score, too, if you bring a cheesy bacon-stuffed crust pizza to your next tailgate.


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    Mamma Mia …… Michelle scores a touchdown on this one. Fall , football and good food at a tailgate gathering go together. What better food at this type of event than a pizza from Pizza Hut. Include Pizza Hut in your plans for the next big game.

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    Mamma Mia ….. Michelle scored a touchdown on this one. Fall , football and food do go together and there is no better food at a tailgate gathering than a Pizza Hut pizza. Make Pizza Hut part of your plans for that next big game.

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    Enjoyed reading the article Michelle! Wish I was at the game eating pizza from Pizza Hut!

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    I enjoyed reading this article on Pizza Hut. It was informative and I learned several bits of new information. We are tailgating at the University of Illinois on the 25th and pizza from Pizza Hut will be there too! Thanks for a great, well written article.

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    Can hardly wait for game time enjoying my Pizza Hut pizza! Well written article .

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    Well written! Great article!! Makes my mouth water thinking about Pizza Hut pizza!!!


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