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Commute-Case: Innovation That Transforms

Posted: April 21, 2014, 1:57 p.m.
by Molly Moore.

Profitable and practical inventions are created to solve a problem or to simplify life’s smallest and largest tasks. Remember the Snuggie? Many people initially laughed at the infomercial but later came to love the product as they realized its practicality. When 4 million Snuggies were sold in the four months after launching in 2008, Allstar Products, the Snuggie creator, proved its expertise in developing and marketing a new product.

I recently saw an announcement of a product that evoked the same type of comedic skepticism that the over-the-top Snuggie infomercial did for the first time.

After seeing a headline, “Electric Scooter In A Briefcase: Would You Pay $6,000 For It?,” I decided to see what the new product was all about. Green Energy Motors Corp.’s new invention, the Commute-Case, is an “eco-friendly briefcase sized in-between commuter, to replace an automobile and integrate with public transit.”

If you’ve ever wished that your briefcase could sprout wheels or if you’ve ever envisioned yourself driving your briefcase into the office, Green Energy Motors Corp. has granted your wish. You can pre-order your Commute-Case now and receive 50 percent off of the MSRP price of $5,990.

Since the Commute-Case has not yet been released to the public, product reviews are not yet available. There are criticism of the high price point and skepticism of its functionality. However, few can argue that the idea of a briefcase that transforms into an urban in-between commuter vehicle is certainly innovative.

I am impressed with Green Energy Motors Corp.’s marketing of the product on its website. It presents the Commute-Case as a problem-solution method to reducing pollution, fossil fuel consumption, commute time and traffic congestion.

It is key for Green Energy Motors Corp. to brand the Commute-Case as a product that will serve many purposes in the consumer’s life. With the ability to function as a briefcase that can also be carried in trolley mode and then transformed into a totally green, alternative vehicle, the Commute-Case does indeed serve many purposes.

The Commute-Case’s top speed is 12.5 mph, and it can only travel 25 miles on a single charge of its battery, but for people in large urban U.S. cities, it may be the perfect solution for an easy commute to work.

Green Energy Motors Corp. does not want to only appeal to big city commuters. Its website states that the Commute-Case is great for any long-distance walk that may “pose a problem for many who could use a little assistance moving about,” including travel around hospitals, zoos, amusement parks, museums and industrial campuses.

Green Energy Motors Corp. has proven its ability to develop an innovative product, and so far, it has been effective at creating a consumer relationship and marketing the Commute-Case as a multi-purpose solution for people of all demographic backgrounds.

Whether or not the consumer will buy? Only time will tell.


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    Sounds like a very interesting concept. I think it would be smart for Green Energy Motor Corp. to test the product in big cities such as New York and Chicago. If the product receives good feedback, this could be a huge PR gain for the product. Presenting the Commute-Case as a green vehicle also means Green Energy Motor Corp. is paying attention to trends- a very smart move on their part.


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