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#RockTheFirm: Hubbell Connections

Posted At: November 25, 2013 1:45 p.m.

Hubbell Connections is Michigan State University’s PRSSA nationally affiliated, student-run public relations agency. The agency helps aspiring public relations professionals gain hands-on experience and develop skills learned in the classroom by working with real clients from the university, local area and beyond.

“My position in Hubbell Connections as an account associate and now an account executive has allowed me to build my portfolio while working with real clients,” said Danielle O’Brien, account executive for Jeanologie Boutique. “My experiences with the organization helped me land my first internship this past summer.”

Hubbell Connections provides Michigan State students with the edge they need to stand out with future employers in the public relations industry.

“Hubbell Connections kick-started my public relations career. It gave me the opportunity to work with real people, producing real results in my community. I’d highly recommend getting involved, even if only for a semester,” said Mackenzie Mohr, VP of professional development for MSU PRSSA.

We currently work with five clients: the Greater Lansing Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that provides food to mid-Michigan; Jeanologie, a local fashion boutique; Century 21 Collins, a family owned and operated real estate firm in metro-Detroit; Impact 89FM, MSU’s student-run radio station; and the Capital Area Humane Society, mid-Michigan’s humane society supporting forever homes and the humane treatment of animals.

Through stellar work in event planning, media relations, social media and strong project management skills, the Michigan State University team provided great results for the East Lansing Buffalo Wild Wings in 2012 and won their competition for “More March” communications plan challenge.

Below is a list of services that Hubbell Connections can provide businesses:
• Media Relations
• Brand & Image Management
• Social Media Tools, Tactics and Training
• Website Content Creation
• Event Coordination
• Market Research
• Strategic Planning
• Newsletter Design

We focus on quality of our work and strive to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but to follow the rules of the PRSSA’s national affiliation. This commitment ensures the firm is efficient with thePRSSA/PRSA connection, a high level of professionalism and an effective structure that follows the ethics provided by PRSSA.

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