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Bizness Apps: Creating a Mobile App for Your Business

Posted At: September 30, 2013 2:30 p.m.
by Ashley Jones

With the evolving use of technology, in particular mobile technology, public relations professionals are faced with providing clients real-time, meaningful information at any moment and location. For most small businesses, creating an impressive mobile app can be a challenging task due to the cost and lack of professional developers. However, thanks to Bizness Apps, now the code-illiterate can build a powerful mobile app for their businesses.

Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself mobile app and website builder, offers businesses with minimal tech experience a low-cost way to provide customers information at their fingertips. As mobile devices continue to spark a second Internet revolution, having an established app for your business is becoming a necessity in order to engage with customers and to remain relevant in your respected industry.

So, what’s so great about Bizness Apps? For starters, it is specifically designed for small businesses, which usually don’t have the resources or manpower of a large company to build an app from scratch. The service allows users to create, edit and manage an easy-to-use app online without any programming knowledge, providing business owners, who might be new to the mobile marketing scene, a simple way to set up a mobile app.

The most popular feature of Bizness Apps is that it is industry-specific. When starting an account with Bizness Apps, users are prompted to choose from a wide range of industry-related templates, which helps guide users through the app building process. For instance, if you’re setting up an app for a gym, the template might suggest that you add a weekly workout planner or dieting tips for users. With custom-made templates for each industry, creating an engaging and user-friendly app is extremely easy.

Bizness Apps also offers convenient features such as multimedia integration, customer loyalty programs, an online food ordering service, push notifications and analytics for app monitoring. At $39 per month, Bizness Apps is a valuable purchase for small businesses that are seeking to improve mobile access for their customers.

By utilizing mobile marketing, a business is able to reinforce its brand, increase its visibility and most importantly, build a 24/7 relationship with its customer base. As the development of mobile apps continues to expand, opportunities for businesses to connect with customers and strengthen brand loyalty abound.


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