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Consuming Fitness

Posted At: September 9, 2013 7:30 p.m.
by Jessica Smith

Being lazy in America is apparently a thing of the past. Fitness companies have capitalized on America’s health boom.Everywhere you turn there is a new type of workout. Fitness programs such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, Couch to 5K, Pure Barre, CrossFit and cycling have consumed our lives…but at least we’re consuming fitness plans and not donuts.

What happened to running a mile every day and doing some push-ups? Have we, as Americans, become accustomed to constant change? All of these workout plans persuade us to believe they are the best for our bodies, but are they really?

Fitness companies have made me believe in their programs and give them a shot. Boredom creeps in and convinces me to jump to another workout. The weight never comes off, and the money goes to yet another workout guru.

Every time I begin a new workout plan, I’m truly convinced it is the one for me. Last February, I started Pure Barre and was sure I would continue this workout for the rest of my life. Their motto, “Lift, Tone, and Burn” sounded great. By the end of March, my butt had been lifted too high and “toned” too big (which is not what I intended to happen). I quit and took my $100 a month elsewhere.

I realize spending that much on an exercise class might sound ridiculous, but the owners/self-made PR people are very convincing. Even with my hatred of CrossFit, these fitness institutions know how to get vulnerable college students through their doors.

They wave around free trial passes, Groupon discounts and student discounts. Between the fancy socks at Pure Barre and wearing yoga pants to actually do yoga, I became a sucker for any new workout. How are these fitness plans staying afloat? I guess there’s always a new, young college student who wants to get in shape.

Some of these fitness plans might work for people if they stick with the plans for a long time, but I haven’t figured out the system yet. Maybe one day I’ll learn, but for now I’ll stick with what I know. I started the Couch to 5K workout yesterday.


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    Change is inevitable… Life, jobs, relationships, health… It’s how you approach the change that will direct your path. I feel you must revisit health, what is health to you? What does strong mean to you? What are your eating habits? how are your hormone levels? what is your emotional connection to your physical self? Health is not fitness routines it is a lifestyle choice. Every person is different therefore I do not believe in “commercialized diets”. I feel we should put good things in our bodies increase our water intake to the appropriate amount and not be sedentary. People are looking for a quick fix. Lose 5pounds in a week or two pant sizes in a month, yes some can accomplish this, is it done safely?
    I have been actively a fitness participant aka gym rat for over 20years. This is my conclusion:
    People need to first change their way of thinking. Stop being an instant gratification society. We need to “move” and eat healthy. Workout regimes are there to help motivate you into a healthy lifestyle. They can’t control if you leave the gym and eat McDonald’s. or a 1200 calorie turkey burger. Our society also has to understand health is how you feel in your body. Not what your body looks like. Health comes in all shapes and sizes! I know athletes that have cellulite and carry 10 extra pounds, this is their body type not due to lack of their health and fitness.
    Before you begin any workout look in the mirror and love yourself for who you are. Then exercise and eat healthy as a preventative measure of health conditions. Let your NEW healthy thought process lead you into a NEW health lifestyle, then you can feel happy and healthy! If you have further questions or if you need motivation… Call me. Atheena


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