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Persistence Does Pay Off

Posted At: May 10, 2012 1:20 PM
by Ashley McDaniel

In the past week, I became homeless, jobless, moneyless and received a B.A. in Communication degree from one of the Top 5 public relations programs in the nation, according to PRWeek. This is an accomplishment I have worked extremely hard for and take pride in. Taking countless classes in public relations, business and even fashion retail, I have molded myself into the well-rounded individual who would be irresistible and marketable to any company, right?

My years here at The University of Alabama have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and memories I could never place a value on, but the most important thing I can take from these times is persistence.

“Continuing without change in function or structure and continuing to exist despite interference or treatment” is the definition of persistence and reflects my last four years.

Whether it is through planning a campaign or pursuing the first job, excelling above the mandated requirements is essential when trying to stand out among the masses. Having a persistent drive can give leverage to many more opportunities that may not have been there before.

Tilson PR shared a recent blog post about the importance of persistence in PR.

“It’s about being persistent and working toward providing a reporter, customer or client with exactly what they need and how they need it.”

Regardless of how much time and effort it takes, it has to be done and can always be better. This mindset is one UA has helped me retain. It is not about having the highest grade or outcome, but knowing you tried your hardest and did everything you possibly could to achieve your goal. When you know you went above and beyond, the results tend to be exceedingly greater whatever the outcome.

In college and the work place, being persistent can take you a long way, which is why I haven’t given up hope. I have an apartment filled with boxes, job searches ranging from PR professional to bartender and emotional breakdowns every five minutes, but I have so much to take with me from my time here. Moving to New York with only my faith, charisma and best friend, with the help of my persistence, I’m sure to be the next Anna Wintour in 15 years.


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    As a former Platform editor and current NYC working girl, I wish you the best of luck! Don’t let your persistence nor your faith fade; they will be all you have at times. Keep looking forward!



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