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Welcome – Spring 2009, Volume III, Issue II


Thank you for joining us for Volume III, Issue II, of Platform Online Magazine. We are proud to continue Platform’s diverse range of public relations topics by contributing articles and blog posts relevant to matters facing our industry and society today. Features in this issue include the effects of social media, urban planning, as well as interviews with professionals, such as CEO of InterLogic, John Gardner. We are also happy to incorporate articles from contributing writers and Platform alumni.

In today’s world, economic security is unpredictable, technology is evolving and trends are ever changing. We strive to create a publication that is timely and firm in its ethical practices that positively promote public relations.

New material is uploaded regularly, so please be sure to return to the site to see our latest articles and blog posts.

Our hope is that you will not only read our articles and blog posts, but also participate in discussions and take advantage of our social media links to Facebook and Twitter. Your participation will lend new ideas to Platform writers and readers. We also invite you to become a contributing writer for an upcoming issue and to subscribe to Platform by submitting your e-mail address on our home page.

Thank you to all of our contributing writers featured in Volume III, Issue II, and to the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations for your continued support of Platform.


Platform Online Magazine Editorial Team
Volume III, Issue II

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