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Does Calvin Klein know PR? Part One

by Aman Judge

CK One, ring a bell anyone?

Taking full advantage of one of its most successful campaigns from the 1990s, Calvin Klein is revamping its approach to the consumer. CK One, the name of its most popular unisex fragrance, may soon become a global digital campaign.

Since the early 1990s, Calvin Klein’s image has suffered. This can be attributed to the unimpressive advertisements that were put out. With the popularity of sensual ads during this time, Calvin Klein’s ads were “lost in the fog.

In an attempt to appeal to a younger consumer and to regain popularity throughout the world, Calvin Klein is taking this brand to the next level. This time, the Calvin Klein brand is assuring that they get it right.

The company is approaching the campaign with digital media and the younger generation in mind. Not only has the brand created cell phone applications and advertisements, but it will also be utilizing social media to the fullest.

Klein is turning to what has worked for years in the PR field: two-way communication. With this implementation of social media, Calvin Klein will allow customers to interact more with the brand. They can put up video of themselves and talk about the brand on the CK One website. Customers can also interact on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Ren Ren and Weibo, which are popular in China, are utilized for international customers. Most importantly, the campaign engages consumers by having cast members, who are Calvin Klein representatives, propose questions on the website and social media outlets.

These tactics exemplify public relations at its best. The campaign prompts consumers to attract new customers by sharing their positive experiences. Not only will Calvin Klein continue its traditional avenues of advertisement, it is taking advantage of new avenues and creating an integrated marketing campaign.

The only thing to do now is to wait until the campaign is launched to see if Klein utilizes these avenues properly. After March 1, we will find out if Klein actually embraces this two-way communication, even if it isn’t always positive.


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    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am glad to hear positive feedback from readers. You should read my follow-up blog addressing how Calvin Klein’s campaign has continued. Thanks again.

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    As a fan of CKOne (onesummer being my favorite go to fragrance for a hot day) I’m very excited about Klein’s newest endeavor. I’ve been following what’s been going on with the brand’s newest social media campaign and I have to say that I’m really impressed. As a company that has tried to eternally appeal to the hipster-music-loving-party going youth that sport the One fragrance, Klein has done very well with keeping up with today’s young folks. I would say that it seems like CK definitely knows what they’re doing so far – I guess we’ll see if it sticks!


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