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If I’m bored with nothing to do, I will more than likely turn on my favorite home-shopping network, QVC. If I bought an item every time I watched QVC, I would be in debt up to my eyeballs.

Yes, it’s one of my weaknesses.

In case you don’t know, QVC stands for quality, value and convenience. QVC uses hosts to sell the products of different brands, and it offers special values and incentives for its customers. There are several times where customers have the opportunity to buy in bulk and save a lot of money. Although its main goal seems to be to sell products, there’s no denying that the company uses PR to develop relationships and establish trust with customers.

The hosts are always inviting, and I feel like I know them. But, isn’t that the point? QVC wants its customers to connect with the hosts. If they establish a connection with customers, aren’t they more likely to buy?

I think so.

I have my favorite products, and I associate certain hosts with those products. I trust them, because I know they believe in the products they are selling.

For example, take a look at host Lisa Robertson (one of my favorite hosts). She makes it known that she wears the Bare Escentuals makeup brand. So when there is a segment about BE, Lisa usually hosts the show. I also know for a fact that she is good friends with the CEO for BE, Leslie Blodgett (I’m friends with Leslie on Facebook).

Celebrities have even jumped on the QVC bandwagon to help sell their products. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson both sell their products on QVC. I think customers are especially interested when celebrities make appearances on the show, because the celebrities seem like ordinary people.

I think the demonstrations are a huge part of persuading customers to make a purchase. Whether it’s clothes or electronics, the demonstrations are given over and over again. If customers have a question about any of the products, they can call in and speak to the host on the live show. By the end of the segment, they are fully informed about the products and convinced to purchase from QVC.

QVC not only establishes relationships with customers on TV. Through the company’s presence on Facebook and Twitter, customers can interact with each other and give feedback on products. The customer feedback lets QVC know which products are most popular.

Social media gives customers the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening. It also announces product reviews and special giveaways on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook and Twitter are convenient for customers, because they don’t have to check QVC’s Web site or the TV show to find out what will air next.

My obsession with the show has made me realize how essential PR is to establish a bond with the QVC audience. Although the task is difficult, QVC successfully utilizes PR to create relationships and maintain its fan base.

I’m hooked.

by Haley Barr


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    I am so glad that other people watch QVC too! My mom started watching the segments a few years ago and told me to tune in to see if there was anything that I wanted to order. After viewing what products the network had to offer I could not stop changing the channel from my usual shows to QVC. Just like everyone else who loves QVC, the relationships that are formed with the hosts, celebrities and the ordinary people who call in to order make the network what it is. Without the personal connection the product that is sold on the show would just be another product that is found in the store. Unlike regular shopping, the QVC increases your need and want of the product because you as the buyer want to support that individual who works for that company. Normal sales representatives in the stores do not have the personable quality or attention that the employees of the QVC have. You can not follow those sales associates on Twitter or Facebook, which diminishes the connection with the product. The QVC does a wonderful job of maintaining and building new relationships with a diverse group of people.

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    I love QVC!!! I don’t know when I was first exposed, but for some reason after that I was hooked. Whenever there is nothing else on, I will always turn on QVC…and can’t turn it off! They definitely do a great job maintaining relationships with their current audience, and as we both know, grabbing the attention of new viewers. You can tell QVC maintains its relationships because regular customers are always calling in to give testament to their favorite products. This lends a rational appeal to the products being sold because viewers can listen to other people’s stories of how satisfied they are. I have not followed them on Twitter or Facebook, but I’m sure loyal customers voice their satisfaction there as well. I was just wondering? Have you ever heard anyone call in and say something negative about a product? I’m sure they screen those types of calls….


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