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99designs: The Power of Branding

99designs: The Power of Branding

Posted At: December 9, 2013 4:30 p.m. by Ashley Jones Many often resist the thought of change. For most organizations, rebranding is a daunting task, but a necessity in order to keep up with the changing tides of the growing marketplace. 99designs, a San Francisco-based

What’s in a Name: The Washington Redskins

Published At: October 25, 2013 10:15 a.m. by Ashley Jones. One of the world’s most expensive and historical sports franchises is under pressure to change its 80-year-old beloved brand. The Washington Redskins, a National Football League team, is facing criticism from President Barack Obama, the

Ted Leonsis: The New Approach to Sports PR

By Wesley Vaughn Ted Leonsis’ sports franchises compete with opposing teams on the court and on the ice throughout their respective seasons, but even though they belong to two different professional sporting leagues, they each share a common competitor: the local newspaper. For Leonsis, who

Effective PR tactics lead to Vick-tory

As an Atlanta native, I never saw Michael Vick, the former Falcons quarterback, making a comeback. In 2007, Vick was convicted of running a dog fighting ring and training pit bulls for fighting purposes. Avid football fans all over the U.S. were disgusted with his

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