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(Insert Hashtag) Social Good

By: Victoria Corley Social good: Two words that easily describe a specific “good” that is shared and beneficial for all (or most) members of a given community. Other words that may be interchangeable for “social good” are philosophy, ethics, and political science. These small words

Plan to Plan.

By: Victoria Corley How much tangible knowledge can anyone pick up from reading a book, listening to a lecture or even studying for a test? Not too much. In a field such as public relations, it is vital for students to have hands-on experience with

Stickies, Highlighters and a Monthly Planner

By Victoria Corley What personality traits make a professional successful in the field of public relations? Generally, if you ask someone this question you will hear a very generic and somewhat delightful list of traits that could just as easily describe the main character of

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