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Zuckerburg writes to 350 million users

Many of us saw the letter when we logged on to Facebook last week regarding changes to the site. Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, wrote an open letter to all members of Facebook informing users of upcoming changes. He informed more than 350 million users

How to Find a Public Relations Mentor

While reading the PRSSA blog, I was reminded of great advice: find a mentor. The importance of a mentor in the PR field is extremely valuable, especially in today’s economy. As we come to the end of PRSSA/PRSA Relationship Month, the PRSSA blog emphasized the value of maintaining relationships with mentors

Leadership styles in the PR field

What is a leader? Should a leader be humble? Bossy? Encouraging? Defining leadership has never been easy. What makes a leader specifically in the public relations field? Is it knowing how to effectively use social media? Is it having 329,349,085 connections on LinkedIn? Or is

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