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Military Communication: A Struggle between Security and Being Social

Posted At: December 7, 2010 10:07 AM by Megan Cotton With the growth of technology and social media, it has become mandatory for every company to have its own Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with the public. For military public affairs, however, there is a

The Student-Led Fight Against Binge Drinking

Posted At: November 1, 2010 11:19 AM by Megan Cotton The college-aged population has always been resistant to anti-binge drinking campaigns. To solve this problem, The Century Council, a nonprofit organization that fights against drunk driving and underage drinking, worked to find aneffective communication strategy. During

LeBron James: Time for a Little Humility

by Megan Cotton Last November in my blog I asked “Can LeBron Take The Heat?,” a response to the Nike “What Should I Do?” video meant to repair LeBron James’ broken image after his move to Miami and the much hated ESPN special, “The Decision.” In

PR ethics: “With great power comes great responsibility”

By Megan Cotton Ethics in public relations has always been a hot topic without black and white answers, only shades of gray. To provide an open discussion on this topic, The Plank Center hosted a Webinar, “Ethics in PR Education,” on Feb. 23, 2011, in

Successful Social Media: It’s All About the Basics

By Megan Cotton If social media is a free way to communicate with your public, why doesn’t every company have a successful Facebook fan page with thousands of fans or an established Twitter with tweets that make followers feel personally connected? If every company and

Can LeBron Take the Heat?

With the NBA season starting, the much publicized team re-alliances are back in the headlines. The leader of these shifts is LeBron James’ abandonment of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the more championship-favored Miami Heat. The announcement, made by James in a one-hour ESPN special July

Building Brand Personas

“The man your man could smell like” is now the man you see everywhere. Isaiah Mustafa, also known as the Old Spice Guy, took over TVs this summer from The Today Show to The Emmys, where he won the award for Outstanding Commercial. He’s been

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