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Sam Nathews: A “Rising PR Star”

Sam Nathews: A “Rising PR Star”

Posted: November 17, 2014, 1:45 p.m. by Jean Faircloth.   Not even two years out of college, Sam Nathews has been chosen as a “rising PR star”  by PR News. PR News Online defines the characteristics of the individuals that are nominated for this honor as the “top

Editor Biographies

Memorie Bailey — Woodstock, Georgia  Major/Minor: Public Relations/Psychology Academic Achievements: President’s List Jobs, Internships & Other Achievements: Administrative Assistant: The Georgia Ballet (Fall 2008- Spring 2009); Intern: Dunwoody Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (Summer 2010); PR Intern: University of Alabama College of Education (August 2012–present) Community Service:


Welcome to Platform Magazine, a student-run public relations publication at The University of Alabama. We strive to encourage ethical practice and leadership, facilitate conversation with our readers and provide insight into the ever-changing world of public relations. As we celebrate our fifth-year anniversary, we hope

Bruce Berger on the Role of Counselor in Public Relations

Bruce Berger on the Role of Counselor in Public Relations

Posted At: January 9, 2013 3:20 P.M. by Sam Nathews The public relations professional wears many hats. He is expected to be a masterful writer, strategic genius, crisis handler, networker, influencer, digital deity, media mastermind and a top-tier conversationalist, to name a few. Each of

Ho-Ho-Whole Lotta PR Wisdom from Santa

Posted At: November 28, 2012 1:50 P.M. by Sam Nathews It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… an overweight, elderly man bellowing “HO-HO-HO” through the whiskers of his long, white beard while riding in a magical sleigh filled with Christmas gifts and powered by nine

Earning Our Seat at the Table

​Posted At: November 20, 2012 4:00 P.M. by Sam Nathews The public relations professional is the runt of the corporate litter. For those of us who stir and generate conversation on behalf of an organization, there has also been, for some time, an internal conversation

The PR Bible

Posted At: November 14, 2012 2:40 P.M. by Sam Nathews Time and time again, top-tier PR practitioners have lauded Carnegie’s book as a must-read for those of us in the industry — some even going as far as dubbing it “The PR Bible.” As I’ve

Adapting to Public Distrust: A Last Pitch Effort

Posted At: October 24, 2012 1:50 P.M. by Sam Nathews We plan, write, edit, re-write, proofread and edit obsessively to ensure our news releases and other media materials are creative, concise, informative and attractive. We labor for hours crafting a two-sentence pitch we hope will

From 'Watch Dog' to 'Lap Dog'

Posted At: September 24, 2012 1:41 P.M. by Sam Nathews As Election Day draws nearer, it seems the steam radiating from the two political engines has begun blurring the lines that differentiate journalists and PR professionals.

It Takes LessThanUThink to Reach Your Target Audience

Posted At: March 26, 2012 4:30 PM by Brian Haight and Savannah Bass Changing the public’s perception, whether it’s about a client or a societal norm, is one of the key functions of public relations.

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