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Grading PR in the Community

When we think about public relations, our mind usually pictures a corner office in a big-city agency or corporation. The first image is definitely not of a high school or elementary school. However, with budget cuts and rising operating expenses, public school systems have found

Men Are From Mars…

We have all seen the television shows and movies portraying public relations professionals. Last week, our blog explored these stereotypes of independent, sexy women by examining characters like Samantha Jones of Sex and the City fame. We see this type of woman portrayed in the

Apple v. AT&T: The MMS Blame Game

MMS. Who would have known that one little abbreviation could cause such an uproar in the technology community? AT&T released Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, for Apple iPhone users on September 25, 2009, allowing customers to send pictures and videos through text messaging. It seems

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