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Social Influence on PR

Photo from @hudabeauty on Instagram

Published on April 3, 2018, at 9:03 a.m.
by Darsey Norton.

If you are anything like me, your Instagram feed is filled with photos of the latest fashion trends, travel spots and foodie havens highlighted by the many social media influencers listed under your “following” tab. This new wave of influence is changing the way we shop, communicate and interact with companies. These influencers have turned their social pages into careers and are earning huge dollar amounts for a single post. Huda Kattan, blogger turned beauty mogul, has 24.9 million followers on Instagram and can earn up to $18,000 per post.

As more people turn to influencers to impact their shopping decisions, more companies will continue to use these social media masters to increase sales. While as a public relations practitioner, you are tasked with branding or representing a client, there are a few tips you can learn from these major social influencers. I call them: the three Cs of brand communication.


Photo from @hudabeauty on Instagram

One of the most notable characteristics of major social media influencers across the board is confidence. It takes a lot of confidence to be a trendsetter and set new “norms.” Social media influencers do this constantly by trying out new products and posting their experiences.

As a PR practitioner, confidence is key. In order to communicate with clients and represent an organization, you must have confidence in yourself and your work. By projecting confidence, you are more likely to be heard and make an impact.

Another major characteristic of all successful social media influencers is individual brand consistency. These bloggers and influencers know their own message and brand goals. They stick to promoting brands that fit into their lifestyles and mirror their styles or viewpoints.

As a PR professional, you must also maintain this type of consistency in your own personal brand. You should remain consistent and professional across all of your personal social platforms. Furthermore, you should remain consistent in what you bring to the table. Be known for always creating high-quality work, communicating well and having a strong work ethic.

Social media influencers are very clear and transparent with their followers. They continue to post and update followers on life changes and opinions. While their lives might not always reflect a “picture perfect image,” influencers have made the decision to share snapshots of their lives with their followers and therefore have an obligation to maintain a sense of honesty in their posts. Many people look to influencers for their honest advice and opinions on products, travel or life in general.

Photo from @hudabeauty on Instagram

Likewise, PR professionals should also strive to communicate clearly and truthfully with all intended publics to ensure faithfulness in their messages.

While you might not be the next Huda Kutton, lessons from social media influencers can impact your perspective on PR and contribute to further success in your career.

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