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Life After Platform

Life After Platform

Posted At: October 15, 2012 2:30 P.M. by Jessica Colburn. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Platform Magazine, alumni of the public relations publication voiced their opinions and gave some advice on how Platform Magazine can and will contribute to success outside of the

Please Don’t Go: Fans and Team Relocation

By Wesley Vaughn Professional sports teams can unite a city. They can bring sadness or jubilation, and they can represent a city in their style of play. They can even pleasantly distract a city from its own harsh realities. But, they can also move. In

No Ordinary Video Game; No Ordinary PR Campaign

By Wesley Vaughn Video game reviewers have billed it as “not your ordinary first-person shooter.” Combining lightning-fast gameplay, striking visuals and a brazen attitude, Bulletstorm separates itself from the pack of typical video games. It makes sense that its public relations campaign would do the

Ted Leonsis: The New Approach to Sports PR

By Wesley Vaughn Ted Leonsis’ sports franchises compete with opposing teams on the court and on the ice throughout their respective seasons, but even though they belong to two different professional sporting leagues, they each share a common competitor: the local newspaper. For Leonsis, who

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